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Order of teeth?

Hiya - I was just wondering what order everyones LO"s teeth appeared in? I thought it tended to a bottom pair (centre) followed by two at the top (centre).

After a few VERY whingy days Cam has finally cut his 3rd tooth but it's one just right of his central bottom teeth/ Now he'll have a row of three at the bottom and none at the top! How weird!! Has anyone else had this?


P.S - Not worried, just nosy and suprised! xx


  • emmy cut her bottom right first and then her top left swiftly followed by her top right. not too sure if we're expecting another soon though as we're very whiney again, but then again 3 teeth cutting in 10 days may excuse the whineyness! lol
  • Ah ha my specialist subject!

    1- middle right bottom
    2- middle left bottom
    3 top right
    4 - top left
    5 and 6 - Top middle two at the same time
    7 - bottom left came through today

    I'm going to try and get a photo of all her teeth tomorrow, If I manage I'll post! x x
  • Flynn so far has two, he got his middle right bottom first, and then his middle left bottom
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