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Evening ladies, just wanted to come on and have a moan really. Having a terrible night with the kids. jasmine has now been screaming for over an hour!!! must be teeth or something and she hasnt slept all day so ob over tired and miserable!! Daddy is out and im at my wits end. have had the worst few weeks ever as my other one jay (3.5) has been having a lot of behavioural problems. I feel so stressed out i just feel like running out the house. OH jsut doesnt seem to understand and im so frustrated as i have them both 24 hrs and some days is such hard work but then others are great!!
Im feeling so down but have no real reason why..?! I feel so bad wen i get frustrated but jsut cant help it.. i feel like a terrible mummy if i shout but sometimes it just comes out..

grrr done expect a reply just wanted to vent my anger on something other than the chldren, gonna go upstairs and try AGAIN!!! wish me luck!!!

:cry: xx nat xx


  • Think she is asleep!!!!!! *sigh* x
  • Saw on fb Jasmine had finally settled. Sorry you're finding it tough. I only have the one and some days I find I have no patience, so with two I am not surprised you get stressed sometimes.

    It's perfectly normal, we're only human. I find myself speaking to James in a certain tone, and having to check myself. Especially when he is clearly tired, and fighting sleep.

    Luckily it's only naps we struggle with, and not bedtime.

    Hope you all have a better day tomorrow, and you can enjoy some 'me' time now. xx
  • Thanku!!! i feel much calmer now!! dont know why i get so stressed sometimes, they are only children after all!! its really hard to explain to OH sometimes as he jsut doesnt realise how tough it is. i feel like supermum some days! id love to see him do it day in day out! i shouldnt even be complaining really as they are good children, i think that makes it worse when u have a bad day/night as u arent used to it.
    rant over hehe! time for a glass of wine.
  • You can't reason with them, that's why they stress us out.

    Enjoy your wine. xx
  • Sending you loads of ((((((((hugs))))))))

    Please don't feel bad. You are a wonderful mummy! Your little ones look like such happy, lucky children in all your FB photos.

    Unfortunately there will be times when things beyond our control (like teething or illness) are troubling them and no matter how hard we try they'll be upset or over tired and we get frustrated and upset too. But that doesn't make you a bad mummy at all. It's not easy being a mummy at times and often OH's don't understand as they get to go out to work and have a break from being on call 24/7!

    Could you ask your OH to look after the kids for an afternoon or just a couple of hours? So you can go out and treat yourself or just have a nice relaxing bath or read a book...with no distractions!

    Hope you're feeling better.

    Love NN xx
  • Sorry to hear you have had a bad day hon. I know how tough it is with two, when sometimes you think your head will explode if you don't get a quiet moment soon. We too have had a few behavioural issues with Jess (5.5) since Sasha arrived, honestly if I have to say 'she's not a toy' one more time.... I shout at her sometimes too and feel v guilty after. One thing I try and follow is to pick my battles, somethings that I might have got stressed about before I just try and ignore now and just worry about the things that I consider most important.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow and those teeth stop giving Jasmine so much trouble soon.

  • Thanks do much for ur replies, Motherhood can give u such bad days sometimes cant it!!!? im feeling much better today and have had a lovely day with daddy at home. he is off for bank holiday tomorrow too which will be nice as i get help with the children.
    Jayden has lots of behavioural issues at the mo, mostly speech related i think as he has speech and language problems. we had got so far with him and his behaviour had improved vastly but i feel he has regressed back slightly- very frustrating!! roll on when e is back at preschool as he seems alot better then.
    so glad im nt the only one who gets frustrated, i feel myself counting to 10 about 50 times a day hehe!!
    Yes NN OH would always let me go and have a couple of hours on my own but i always say no as he works so hard etc i feel we arent together as a family much, i should really take him up on it and have some 'me time'.
    im sure things will get better, hope u are all having a nice bank holiday - on the up we got a new washing machine today as our old one had broken for the 4th time in a year grrr! im going to have a play - very sad i know but things like this please us mummies hehehehe!!! get a life comes to mind!!! xxxxxxxx
  • Ohhh a new washing machine - I agree, very exciting!! image

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better but defintiely take your OH up on the offer of a few hours to yourself - YOU work very hard every single day too!! :\) I've never really had any time away from Lyvi (except twice at the hairdressers and one for about an hour swimming!) but today daddy is going to look after her for a few hours while I go and visit my mum. I'm nervous but know it'll do me good at the same time too!

    Have a lovely bank holiday.

    Love NN xx
  • oh honey

    we have had a terrible week too, its just so awful when things arent going to plan, our routines been out the window with the teeth, had a good cry at my mums at the weekend as hes just screamed so much and been so misreble, had to put him in bed with us the last few mights to get some sleep

    hope the are getting better x
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