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I'm all alone!

Flynn is at nursery for the first time this morning. He's only going Tuesdays, and only until 12.45, but it feels really strange sat here wihtout him! I know he's fine and probably having a good time though!
Has anyone elses LO started nursery yet?


  • Emilia is starting in september and I am dreading it, although I know she will love it!

    It must be weird not having him at home, but an excuse for mummy time! Are you going back to work soon? xx
  • I was supposed to be going back to work today, but they've added my holiday on the end so now I'm not going back until 11th October!
    It is weird not having him here! I've done all the housework and now just waiting to go and get him!
  • Lucky you!!! Your house will be spotless! image

    I bet he will be really pleased to see you when you pick him up! xx
  • Well, off to get him now, so we'll see!
  • Awww - Cam starts Nursery 2.5 days a week in November but we start his settling in sessions in 4 weeks. I'm not going to lie, the thought of leaving him makes me feel sick at the moment image but i'm sure he'll love it when he settles in.

    Let us know how he gets on image xx
  • Just got home, and he was fine! Apparently he's not even cried once! Eaten all his lunch, had a good sleep, even been to the park on the swings! Where I'd planned to take him this afternoon, so he'll be worn out this evening!
    Need to go back in a minute though, as I left his bottle and dummy behind! Also they've given me a bill with a wrongly spelt name, wrong house number and double the amount its meant to be!
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