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how do they sit?

i was just wondering after watching how emmy sits herself up how the other babies that can do this do it?

emmy currently does a super fast roll onto her tummy and then back over and somehow twists herself onto her bum in the process, it makes me laugh so much but wondered if this is the 'noraml' way they learn or if my baby is a bit strange? (lol, wouldn't suprise me if she's just weird, me and her daddy are! haha) :lol:


  • Well done Emmy! I'm sure all babies have their own way of doing things, the funnier the better! I love all the individual quirkiness of babies!

    Harrison hasn't figured out how to put himself into a sitting position, although has been able to sit unaided since 4 1/2 months. To be honest he rarely spends any time sat up, the minute I sit him up he's shifted back to crawl position and off!

  • lizzie sits herself up. from a crawling position she gets on her knees puts one leg out straigh to the side of her and twists onto her bum.
    like alot of babies she rarely sits still and woul rather be crawling round. she stops and sits if we call her name or she finds something to put in her mouth!
  • jacob goes from a crawling stance brings his hand closer to him and twists his legs under, its quite funny and very fast!
  • You all have very clever babies-Ella can't even sit unaided yet, let alone know how to get there!!
  • Although Eva can sit unaided, she hasn't figured out how to get in that position herself yet. When she wants to sit up from lying down she puts her arms in the air and waves them around until I sit her up.
  • Same here Jojo, Emilie can't sit unaided yet either!
  • Well as of today Harrison has learnt how to getting himself into sitting position by himself, onto all fours and legs swung round beneath him! Well done Jan babies xxx
  • Emilia rocks back on to her haunches and then on to her bum...its quite funny!!

    Clever babies xx
  • We're still not sitting either!
  • Sasha can sit unaided very well but she cant get into a sitting position herself yet. She goes from sitting to crawling position and then just yells when she wants to sit up again.
  • Arthur is the same as Sasha! Ha too lazy to even try and put himself into sitting position. He has only just mastered crawling properly though x x
  • Sebastian can sit unaided and can lower himself from sitting into a crawling position but can't sit himnself up yet. Not surprising really as he has a history of getting himself into positions he can't get out of - he learnt to roll onto his tummy about 6 weeks before he learnt to roll back again!!!
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