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teething/pooey question lol

hi girls, just wondering if you've got any ideas....

emmy-lee has been teething really badly from a couple of weeks now, we've cut three teeth in 10 days and a fourth may possibly be on it's way! we haven't really had any 'teething' nappies so to speak, just huuuuuuge poops lol

well today OH brought in some ashton and parsons powder for her to try as we couldn't get any teethas and bonjella just isn't cutting it any more. about 30/45 mins after we gave her them her belly did the hugest rumbly noise then she did a kind of diahorrea type poop that completely exploded her nappy.

the noise her stomach made to me sounded like the kind a grown ups tummy would make before they get the runs (tmi lol) but she hasn't had any more poops or 'runs' or anything. do you think it could just be the teething salts disagreeing with her? any other ideas? oh just to say it couldn't have been food because she hadn't had any at this point!

thanks girlies xx


  • Wow-3 teeth in 10 days, go Emmy! Kind of hoping Pops does something similar as she's been really bad since monday :/(

    Not sure on the cause, but ashton & parsons is meant to "check stomach disorders, and correct motions" according to the package...I've found Pops nappies to be slightly less toxic after having them. Maybe it was doing the first part of what it said on the box? Has she had any more teething powder? Could it just be a coincidence? Hope she's back to normal soon xx
  • aww hope poppy get some soon then! we've had utter hell since this started but today has been a new low image after the evil poop she got a really bad nappy rash to the point of she cried if she sat up bless her. i haven't given any more of the sachets today, she's going to her nana's tomorrow so going to send them and warm them but ask them to report back on effects to see if it was just a dodgy tummy or if it was that.

    i guess it could just be coincidence but it seemed strange that it happened so quickly and that was all she'd had. seemed a bit quick for a tummy bug to come on too as she had quite happily done a 'normal' poop in her potty about an hour/two earlier image

    hope pops feels better soon hun!
  • I think sometimes nasty teething poops can cause it to change quite quickly, iyswim? Poppy's has 3 today, each getting progressively yuckier (wetter, more acidic) HATE the vinegar smell they have to them too-eww! Maybe you'll know tomorrow if your mum gives her any more? Hope her bottom gets better quickly, poor love xx
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