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Having another one....??

Hello !

I haven't been on hear in ages and feel very out of the loop as to how you all are...

Harry and I are well and have really settled into life together, my husband has a new job, he had most of the summer off in between the two, which was wonderful. Sadly he is working longer hours and a bit further away, so he doesn't get to see Harry during the week which is v sad. But makes up for it at the weekend and Harry is so excited to see him its really heart breaking to watch....!

We have always thought/hoped that we would try again for another one when Harry was about 9 months, and that is fast approaching....! He was 8 months yesterday... can't believe where the time has gone... !
I was just wondering if anyone else was thinking of trying for another one.. and if so how are you feeling about it.

I am an older mum (just 39) and had hoped to have had my two little ones by the time I was 40... some of you might remember, that I had 5 miscarriages and then we got lucky with Harry, so we are a little off schedule..!! if I was to have a second by the time I am 40 we will really have to crack on.!!! I know time lines and schedules don't work with babies and pregnancies..... but its a bit of a mental thing for me.... ! I fear about tiredness.... I have never had the energy of my friends and since having Harry, I have been constantly tired... (who isn't..!) but it does slightly worry me about going through another pregnancy and having a toddler...! and then the sleepless nights..... BUT I do really really want another one... I know these are just normal fears but I was wondering if anyone else is going through them.... also I love Harry so much... can you love two... the same as you love one.... I know I am being silly.... but but but....!!!

I would love to hear from you....

A xxx


  • hello

    we are on month 2 of TTC no2, i have gone back to work parttime so hope when we do get pregnant i will be able to manage that, LO has also just started to start sleeping through too so at least i know i will be able to go to bed early! i think just like when LO came along and i was surviving on a few hours sleep, you just manage, i know the first few month will be super hard but it will all be worth it image

    i am so looking forward to having another, i loved being pregnant! hopefully on friday i will have some super news!!!
  • Hi and welcome back.
    I already have 2 children and yes you can definatly love them both just as much and its soooo great when you see them hugging and playing together!
    We would love another one but arent promiusing anything yet as ive just changed jobs and it will mean alot of saving to be ab;le to afford the maternity leave i would like but if we do we would like 2-3 years age gap between the baby and lizzie (dd2). there is 4 and half years between dd1 and dd2 and it works really well for us.
    I want 3 children altogether and want to be done with being pregnant by the time im 30 as I had dd1 when i had just turned 20! so if we do have another it may be us ttc december next year of maybe the year after?! who know!!
    good luck everyone who is ttc x
  • Thank you all so much for your replies... and for your honesty... it really helps to hear your thoughts, I don't really want to share these feelings with friends as I don't want it to become an 'issue' if you know what I mean....!!!
    thank you again and here's to all of us having more happy news soon..!!
  • Hi Hun,

    I think its normal for any mum to worry how they'll cope with another, how can they share their love etc but the truth is u just do.

    Something just changes you balance ur time and ur love equally as possible. There WILL be times that one will get less attention or will have to wait but this is a life skill they need to learn.

    As for coping with a todler when PG..can't really help as dd1 was 4 when the twins finally arrived, but as u can imagine running after a 4 yr old is a tough in itself as they are soooo opinionated and damn right fast- especially when ur nearly 38 weeks with twins!

    U'll be fine hun- i promise! Ur a mum and u'll know what to do! xx
  • wow wondered where u had gone!!!!
    nice to have u back!!!

    we arent going to have another for a few years yet as i want to wait a bit, i think oh would tomro. im finding two ok, there is a 2 yr 9 mnth gap between my 2 and i think its goin ok, im finding it harder now jasmine is more demanding and wants to do everything but other than that its great.
    they both adore each other and i love to see the love between them. i cant imagine not having 2 now. and i cant say ive found it any more tiring , tiredness is tiredness!!!!

    lots of love nat xxxxxx
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