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Hiya, I was just wondering how James is getting on with his milk intake & if things have improved over the week end? I was wondering if you'd maybe considered changing teat size too, see if this may help? Hope things are better & he's back to guzzling his feeds xx


  • Hi honeyPops, thanks for thinking of us. :\)

    I've gone back to using the TT vent bottles, that we used before the anti-colic ones. I was getting wet everytime I fed James, as the milk kept going up the central part. It was getting rather annoying. I had to buy new teats, as we only had the size 1 for them, from when James was small. I had bought 2 size 3 the other day, I had meant to pick up the anti-colic ones! So I bought variflow for the other bottles.

    I have left out the 11am bottle, as James doesn't seem to miss it. I didn't even give him a snack at that time yesterday, and he was fine. He takes about 6oz at his dream feed, all other bottles are around 3oz. :\( He maybe has 2oz in his breakfast.

    I don't suppose there is a lot more I can do, other than continue to give dairy in James's diet. Although I'm not really sure exactly how much he needs daily. He has a mixture of petit filous and dairy desserts, but I don't want to have to give him a meal with cheese in every day!

    Anyway, sorry it's so long. Hope you and Poppy are well. xx
  • It sounds like things are improving slightly, hope they continue to do so. We had the same problem with Poppy only taking a few oz in the morning, but this resolved once we stopped the dream feed. Would you consider maybe stopping it gradually, or reducing it by an oz or 2 every couple of nights?

    We found Pops took a full 8oz feed given the opportunity, but didn't miss it when we reduced it. We got down to 4oz and then stopped it altogether & found that she took a decent amount in the morning as a result.

    The problems that we were having last week have been resolved by using bonjella before a feed. It's got to be her teeth troubling her, as she was not her usual smiley self at the week end, preferring to screech & was awfully clingy. Paracetamol & brufen helped, so was obviously pain related, poor mite!

    Life would be so much easier if babies came with an instruction book, or pocket guide...or even better, could tell us what was wrong! But then there would be no fun it that, and we'd have nothing to worry about :lol:

    Hugs for you & James xx
  • As the dream feed is they only one he takes, it does concern me reducing/stopping it. But I can see the logic. I'll have a think about that one/build myself up to it. image

    James has started waking at about 4am again. I have no idea why. He's awake because he goes back into the position he initially goes to sleep on. Which is on his side, muslin in mouth. He doesn't cry, although I put the light show on, so don't give him the opportunity! Flipping baby bodyclocks! :lol: He'll then sleep on and off, I'll give his milk after 6.30 only. Then he'll mostly go back to sleep for an hour. (That's usually when I would love to go back to sleep, but struggle, and end up feeling rubbish!)

    It would be sooo much easier if they could tell us what's wrong. I gave James a petit filous as his 11am snack, and he was crying through some of it?! Had to feed him the rest on my lap! He's got a crusty nose, plus could be (as always) teeth, so don't think he's 100%.

    Glad Poppy is taking more milk. These poor lo's with such a drawn out teething. Such a shame they don't just pop through, rather than keep them waiting and us guessing!

    Hugs returned to you and Poppy. :\) xx
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