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don't know if i remember seeing this lately as think i did but i can't find it lol

i've just bought emmys first christmas presents this week and i'm very excited. we've got a big ball pool shaped like a car (and about 300 hundred balls, but i think it may need more! eek!) and i've just ordered a purple little tikes smart trike, but think we'll be giving that a bit early if the weather is ok in autum to get some extra use of out if lol

i'm very excited for first christmas this year image can't wait to put up my decorations and see lil pie playing with all the wrapping paper and ignoring all her new toys! lol

has anyone else started shopping yet? what we all getting our gorgeous girls and boys?? :\)


  • i'm trying to keep our spending to a minimum as she is the only grandchild on both sides of our families so she'll be well spoilt. we've got the ball pit, the trike, and we've got a bounce and spin zebby too. think i'll see how much she gets for christmas before she gets our stuff (going to oh parents for xmas day) as i may keep some things for her birthday.

    i can't wait to decorate either! and buy her her own stocking to hang on her cot!
  • Oh I love thinking about Christmas! So excited! I've bought a couple of presents, and want to get the smart trike for him, but I'm trying to keep our presents to a minimum as Harry is the first baby in both mine and my husbands family, so everyone, including our extended families are excited about a little one to spoil! I can't wait to go and get a stocking for him, and the 'my first christmas' decorations. What 'smaller' presents have you bought? Xx
  • we are getting Lizzie a smart trike for xmas.
    for her birthday (4 days later ekkkk!!!) we are getting her a scuttlebug and a bounce and spin zebra.
    We dont go mad on first xmas and first birthdays with presents. we know pour parents and our sisters and rest of family are all planniong on getting lizzie stuff too and from what i remember with dd1 its very overwhelming for them x
  • we are getting a smart trike and i got a bargin 400 balls for a fiver so i will be looking for a ball pool for them to go into, i know my parents will spoil LO but the MIL doesnt belive in presents for small children, WITCH!!
  • piggypops, i currently have turned LOs travel cot into a ball pool til next year when it's warm enough for actual ball pool. it works just as well...if not better because she can't chuck all the balls on the floor! lol i'm hoping the ball pool isn't a bad idea as i have the 300 balls in travel cot + 300 at my mum for the pool and don't fancy picking 600 balls up everytime! lol

    and OMG yes yes she is a witch!
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