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hello im from my baby due in feb 2011 chat forum room and was wondering what advice you had for us girls as you also had your baby in near feb such as good things to buy and bad things to buy or just general advice looking forward to all you have to tell us


  • hey hun, congrats on your bundle! hope you're having a good pregnancy?

    i would say the best things i had were my buggy that has both lockable and swivel front wheels and a good suspension, these were invaluable to me as when i came home there was more than 2" snow!

    also lots of little cardigans and blankets and hats as my LO didn't fit into any snowsuits etc even though she was 'technically' big enough for them.

    sleepsuits with the cuffs that turn down into mittens are also good as by about 10 days old my DD could remove her scratch mits and so these kept her hands warm in the nasty cold.

    erm, a nasal aspirator (snot sucking deivce), good for all newborns i think but especially winter babies in case they get the snuffles/snotty nose as there isn't much else you can do to help at that age.

    a nice buggy/pram cosy toes is a good alternative to millions of blankets in your pram too if your LO is a bit small for snowsuits.

    can't think of too much else right now but if i do i'll come back xx
  • i would say to get a snow suit or 2. lizzie was 8ln 9oz at birth but we had to go get her a first baby size from mothercare as newborn was too big for her.
    also whichever pushchair you go for makesure you try out the raincover too. we have a stokke xploye and i love it and makes me less stressed knowing if it rains the rain cover fits really well (something i didnt check with my first daughters pushchair!)
    blankets are a must as are a few hats.
    you can also get the sleepsiuts with folover cuffs which are really good for keeping their little hands warm at night.
    i dont know if you are planning to bf or ff (i bf for 3 weeks then went onto ff) and i know its a strange thing but we got a tefal onecup hot water dispenser and it was brillinat to use the instant hot water to warm up bottles (put hotwater into jug to stand bottle in) and also to make a nice hot blackcurrent drink to have whist bf as it really is thristy work!
    other than that i would just suggest some comfy pj's and a nice duvet and to snuggle up on the sofa at any monment you can-best thing in the world in the winter with a newborn baby
    also congratulations x
  • Def a really good snowsuit! Emilia's was far to big for her, but in her pram it was fine as it was like a big snuggly duvet for her!

    I second the comfy pj's for mum...a def must!

    Long sleeved vests, long sleeved tops, and light cardigans are good, as I found layers was better than thick stuff. That way you can take stuff off if you go in and out of places or your LO is like Emilia and gets hot quite easily. I found Emilia would tell me if she was too cold, but would just go to sleep if she was getting to hot

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx
  • thank you for you advice i will post it to the other girls very helpful advice
  • hello and congrats

    defo a snowsuit, we used it lots, it was -7 when we came home image

    a suction device for babies nose, was invaluable to us when LO came home with a cold,

    a grow egg thermometer, seconds as a night light too!

    putting a fleecey blanket over the moses basket matteress, ours hated the cold matteress,

    also some good boots for out and about for you that are roomey, i had to buy a size bigger as my feet swelled for a while and i needed some good boots for the snow x
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