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Sleeping in same room

Just wondered if anyone still has lo in with them?

I have been putting off moving James, but think it needs to be done soon,

I didn't want to move him when we had just started weaning. But think he needs to go in his own room before I start back to work. But it also should be before he starts nursery. just so all the upset isn't at once! xx


  • Monty is still in with us, in our bed in fact. I'm in no rush for him to move - when he's ready. He is so easily distracted that he takes very little milk by day and he started dropping centiles (we're BLWing so it'll be a while until he gets much of his nutrition from food) but as we co-sleep and BF I can get a lot of milk into him at night.

    I can unterstand you wanting to space out return to work/nursery and a change in room. Just be prepared that he may want to come back into your room for a spell when he starts nursery! From posts of yours you seem very much baby-led so I'm sure you'd pick up on that anyway image
  • Sasha is still in with us too. I am going to move her very soon though as we seem to keep waking her recently, she woke at about midnight last night and wouldn't go back off till about 3! I will so miss her being right next to me though but i'm going back to work in just over a week so it needs to be done soon. :cry:
  • Thanks babybarbarella, I nearly posted something along the lines of mentioning, apart from you co-sleeping. :\)

    We'll leave the crib in our room for a little while, once he's moved. Just to have the option.

    Thanks for the compliment about being baby led. image xx
  • Sorry sarah, we posted at the same time.

    Yeah I love having James close by, despite him disturbing me. But more to the point, sometimes I disturb him and so do the dogs. So I can see it's being selfish keeping him in my room.

    In this case, I'm going to be selfish for as long as poss though! xx
  • I really didn't want to move Lyvi so early - planned to have her in our room until she was at least one but we had to move her into her cotbed at 7 months as she started turning around in her crib so that she ended up side ways with her legs up and over the side (well as over as they got being so short!). I thought, this is no good for her back and hips so after 2 nights in a row of this happening we decided she had to go into the nursery :\(

    I was really sad and it felt very strange but she was absolutely fantastic and took it all in her stride (as she does with everything!). I think she likes the extra room to roll around into a comfy position and is very happy in there and every morning when she wakes up she just chats to herself and plays for a while :\)

    I won't lie, it is difficult (on us mummies!) but I think it's really sensible to do it now so that he doesn't have too many changes at once. Sometimes putting lo first means a bit more upset for us!

    Love NN xxx
  • Thanks NN. Yeah I know what you mean. If James gets any longer, he's going to hit his head. But he actually likes to sleep on his side, with his legs up the side of the crib. Sometimes with a foot just resting on a bar, other times with a foot through! He's able to get back in properly, as he'll roll back onto his back later on! :lol: xx
  • i think u have done fantasticly to keep him in your room up until now. i put jasmine in her nursery at 2 months as her sleep was getting so disturbed. its diff when u have 2 children i think.
    u will know when is right and hopefully things go smoothly for u xxx
  • I still have Emilia in with us, but she has a full sized cot. I am in no hurry to move her out. She has grown up so fast already I want to keep her with me a little longer.

    But you are right to consider that he will have so much change in the next wee while, so maybe doing it now might be better for him in the long run.

    Like you have always done be led by james, it seems to work for him! xxx
  • Arthur is still in our room too! Im not ready to move though i do think we are waking him. He also has a full size cot in our room so has plenty of room. Im a little worried about putting him in his own room because some nights he wakes and comes into bed with us for an hour or so. I really dont know how he is going to cope with sleeping the whole night in his cot. I also think he will prob wake just as much so it will be harder getting out of bed and going into another room.
    We have decided though that when we come back from our holls to Italy we are going to make the transition. Arg more upsetting for me than Arthur i think.
    Sorry if there are any mistakes in this im writing it from my phone x x
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