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our cat didn't come back from the vet today


it wasn't unexpected, we'd actually been putting off taking her as we didn't think she'd come home again, but it got to the point where it would have been cruel to wait any longer. The vet was really lovely and it was all over quite quickly.

Jess is very upset though, I told her she went to a special old age animal home with a garden and special nurses to give them their medicine. My friend has taken her to the cinema to see Toy Story to cheer her up. While she was out and Sasha was asleep I thought I'd tidy up all the bits and pieces and was just stood in the kitchen holding half a bag of cat food not wanting to throw it away but not sure what to do with it and just had a little cry. We kind of inherited her from someone I worked with so didn't have her from a kitten but she was still my first baby, :cry: She was called Begheera as she looked like the panther in the jungle book.


  • So sorry to hear that, it's so upsetting when a much loved pet passes away. It can be almost as bad as losing a family member. Hope Jess is a bit happier for a while after Toy Story. It's difficult for them to comprehend when they're so young.

    If you don't want to throw away the cat food, you could consider donating it to an animal shelter in her honour? Some will put up a plaque in memory of a pet for a small donation too, which may be a nice way of remembering her? Sending you all big hugs xx
  • It is awful, as pets truly are one of the family. I cried buckets when my first dog had to be put to sleep. I'm dreading losing the 2 we have now! Hugs. xx
  • Aw Hun that's so sad, animals truly do become part of the family, it's so sad when they go. Atleast Bagheera is no longer suffering, when my dog died i know it helped me just knowing she was no longer in pain. Maybe you could get Jess a black cat cuddly toy or maybe a photo and tell her when she misses her to give the toy a cuddle or kiss the photo? Apologies if that doesn't seem appropriate to you, I don't know how old Jess is xxx
  • Thanks everyone. Honeypops I think I'm going to give the food to a friend's cat. Harrysmum, I like the idea about the cuddly toy, she's 5 so I think she will really like that.

  • im so sorry for your loss hun! Sending lots of hugs your way x
  • awww just saw this, i really know how u are feeling, my childhood cat at mums was put down about 6 months ago and the other one about a year ago so lost both in one year. was te most traumatic thing i was sobbing for ages. so so sad.
    hope u are ok xx hugs xx
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