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just wondering what naps ur bubba is having? i only ask as jasmines have really changed recently and as she is getting older and cheekier, nap times have become harder.
she used to have -
9am - 30 - 45 mins
11am 1 hour
2pm 1 hour

now it seems she has cut out either of the last 2 but has been sleeping longer during a nap. today she didnt sleep all afternoon and only had the nap at 9am. im quite routiney and always do lunch etc at same time. its just today she was way overtired at bedtime as she wouldnt nap and it was rather stressful to get her down for the night.
do u think its teeth disturbing her patterns or jsut she is getting older and doesnt need as much?


  • I posted something similar in Baby. I think a few of the Jan babies are changing their nap routines.

    James had three half an hour naps, now he mostly just has two. Some days he's grumpier than others, or gets overtired. Some nights I leave out his bath, as he's too tired.

    It's a bit early for them to be changing their routines, but guess noone told them that! :lol: xx
  • when she is with me Emilie usually has 30-45 mins at 9am and 1.30- 2hrs at about 12.30.

    She sometimes has an afternoon nap about 4pm. she usually always does at daycare, if she doen't she gets really grouchy! x x
  • Emilia has about 30 mins at 9:30 and then about 1.5 to 2 hours at 12:30. Although I think it is time to cut her morning nap back a bit as she is starting to wake earlier after her lunchtime nap.

    I can never keep up...she is always changing the routine!! image xxx
  • Abigail is changing at the mo.

    She has a nap at 9am but this can be 45 to 2 hours long then 2.30pm if she had 45 in the am or after her 3.30pm feed if she had longer this nap last for 45 mins to an hour. She has also brought her bedtime forward by 30 mins. She has also reduce the amount of milk she is having 1 6oz bottle am and 2 5oz bottles.

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