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Well done Joanna!!!

Well ladies I have only gone and done it now....fallen down a hole and torn the ligaments in my foot! :roll:

Excellent work!!!! 15 days in cast with an 7 month old,
Thankfully my mum was visiting last weekend and had only got as far as Florence on her drive home. She is now coming back to look after Emilia.

Hopefully it will all be fixed for my big move, even if it isn't I shall hop onto that plane!!!! xxx


  • Oh no!! image

    Now that would be challenging - trying to chase round a 7 month old with your foot in a cast!

    I'm glad your mum is able to come back and help you out.

    And I really hope you're not in too much pain and it heals quickly.

    Love NN xx
  • oh no!!! hope u have a speedy recovery. at least u can get out of the liftingwhilst moving!!! hehe xxx
  • Hopefully it'll all be healed, before it's time to fly back. Lucky your mum is able to help out. Hope you're ok. xx
  • Oh no! Really hope things heal for you quickly, & you're not too uncomfortable. What a blessing that your mum was so close (in comparison to home!). Sending you big hugs from both me & Pops xx
  • Oh no! I hope you get well soon. How long till your move? Definitely a good excuse to not do the heavy and hard parts I moving homes. X
  • :lol: How did you manage to fall down a hole? Sorry to laugh but that sounds like something that I would do.

    Hope it heals ok soon

  • Not looking where I was going! To be fair the hole shouldn't of been there, its been filled in now. But yes, looking back it is funny and totaly something I would do!

    Thankfully mum can stay and help with the packing and organising. We have bought Emilia a baby walker so I can pull her along! She is too short for it so her feet dont tounch the ground, but at least she is portable!

    Joanna x
  • Bet Emilia thinks that's great - Mummy falls down a hole and I get a cool new toy!!

    Hows the pain today? Hope it's not too bad xxx
  • I know, not a good habit to get into!!

    It is not to bad today thank you NN, thankfully I am able to out a bit of weight on it now so I can hobble about. But I will admit I am a terrible patient! It's difficult not to do anything with a little baby though!

  • How's the patient today?

    Please rest as much as possible, it will heal more quickly and you won't be left with weakness etc

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