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Can I come in......?

OMG - Am I really the first person to post here?!

And I don't even know if you'll have me seeing as my little Charlie was born at 11.49pm on 31st December!

I want to stay with all my lovely due in Jan ladies that have been with me all the way through if you'll have me please!

SO things are pretty good with us. I'm breast fedding well which is a huge relif as I wasn't sure i'd be able to manage it. Boobs are huge and a bit sore but can't really complain too much.

Hope to hear from you all soon

Lisa & Charlie (1 week old today!)



  • Hi Lisa. Please stay with BIJ and DIJ (for now). Hope Charlie is doing well. Your avatar is gorgeous! I was just having a sneaky peak to see if any of our ladies are in here yet. I am so jealous that I am not meant to be posting in here yet :lol:
  • Hi, I am the same as you!! I had my baby on 31st december aswell. Rory was born at 3.20pm!

    Im bottle feeding and he is one greedy little boy haha!

    Hope al is well with you image

    Hev xxxx
  • Hiya Girls

    Yay i can join you had Isla on 2nd Jan.

    I am breastfeeding and saw midwife today for 5 day visit and she is doing really well has only lost 40g so very pleased.

    Am so happy she is here now and was a week early image

    Hope you are all ok and cant wait for the girls still in DIJ to join us

  • Hi ladies

    Please can we join you? Alfie was born on 6 January - 3 days late - by emergency c-section after a three day labour. I'll get round to my BS soon but in the meantime, hubby and I are head over heels in love with our little boy. We're breastfeeding and have had some struggles but are doing well now.

    Love Faye and Alfie (2 days)
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