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Just saying hello. My son, Stanley was born on the 8th Jan 11.


  • Congratulations on the birth of Stanley. Is he your first? How are you finding things at the moment?

    Our first, Oscar, was born on the 1/1/11 - getting used to each other, but also getting more and more tired! hope he learns that nighttime is for sleeping soonimage
  • I am enjoying it but Stan doesn't sleep. He is cluster feeding at the mo, he seems to be always on the breast. How are you finding motherhood? Are u breastfeeding?
  • Hi Nicki I've just moved over from Due in January, my daughter Charlotte (Lottie) was born on 11th January. She is my first and I am breastfeeding as well (have just replied to your breastfeeding post).

    I am lovng being a Mummy but it's quite a challenge at the moment! Look forward to chatting on here xx
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