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Hello !!

Hey ladies and babies.

Can't believe we are finally here!

My chunky little princess is still asleep so just nipped on and did my birth story which is in dij!!

How is everyone feeling now! My milk came in today so I feel like they are going to explode! Lol! I chose to bottle feed for my own reasons and it's def been a good decision as she is a greedy guzzler! Lol!! She's going 2-4 hours and taking about 2-3 oz which is good.

Anyway she's just stirring.

Take care

Mjc and Aleia



  • Hey hun!

    Can sympathise with the greedy guzzler lol.

    Immy was feeding every hour to start with but I'm BF and my nipples are RAW and I've had to express for a few feeds, when I have she's taking around 4oz!

    She's settled into feeding every 2-3 hours now which is better and giving me a little rest.

    I have to say, over the last week I've certainly begun to understand why some women give up on BF in the early days!
  • Ah hun that sounds horrid!!

    The ladies on my ward were all bf ing and they were all crying with pain and couldn't get baby to feed. It was horrible listening to it as felt so sorry for them!! Well not the lady that snored like a fog horn! Lol!!

    Aleia's first bottle she took just over 2 ozs which apparently is quite a lot for an hour old baby! She is now going 2-4 hours between feeds and taking 2-4ozs. Think I'd of really struggled if I had tried to bf!!

    Glad your getting some sleep now. It's treasured time! Lol!!

  • It is hard at first, I admit, but I BF both the others and it's only until the milk comes in and babes have to stimulate it.

    She's doing well though, in 9 days she's put on 8.5 oz!!!

    The main thing is that mum and baby are both happy with the choice they've made about feeding. I think it's wrong when some women feel pressured into Bfing and hate it, or when BFing mums get frowned at for feeding in public! Seems it's a no win situation.
  • How long does Immy feed for MrsC? Alfie usually does 30 mins each boob but I'm never sure he's had enough... he's back above his birth weight but only by a few ounces...
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