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how are we all?

Just wondered how we're all settling in to being mummies, or with our additions to our families.

Immy is now ten days old and is really settled, after initially feeding pretty much non stop we're finally getting a routine, her brother and sister adore her, even though at times they do seem to think she's a doll and argue over who's going to hold her :lol: which is a huge improvement on her brother's part since he cried when he was told he'd got a sister instead of a brother.


  • Hi Mrs C,

    Glad you and Immy are doing well. We're all OK - most of the aches and pains of birth have gone now and we're settling into breastfeeding well. I've just got back from the weighing clinic and Charlie is up to 8lb 14oz from his birth weight of 8lb 3oz so we must be doing something right!

    Only thing I wish was different is that Charlie would stay awake in the day and sleep a bit more of a night! I'm only getting a couple of hours a night and it's killing me! Still - mustn't grumble I love my boys to bits!


  • hi,

    everyone seems to be doing well. oscar is now 19 days old. he has suffered from either colic or bad wind the last week, tried infacol and now on dentinox which seems to be helping. like lisa, wish he would sleep for a bit longer! but he is still tiny so needs to eat more frequently (6lb 9oz at birth, 6lb 11oz at 11days).

    how often are u all taking ur babys to get weighed? my hv wasnt very helpful - she said once a month was enough, but i might want to go more often and that was ok - id like to know he is still gaining but dint want to trapse down to the clinic if there is no need (if that makes sense?)

    jen and oscar (19days)
  • Hey!

    We are doing really well. The transition from 1 to 2 children has gone better than I had imagined!

    Aleia was weighed yesterday and has gained 2ozs so is now 8lb9oz! Little porker!

    She is sleeping really well most nights too which is a huge relief! She's so content and happy it's amazing!

    Her big bro totally adores his little sister and read his school book to her yesterday. So sweet. Defo heart melting stuff!

  • We're doing just fine! I feel much better now and think I'll be out and about by next weekend! lol... hopefully! It's not good being a single new mum and adding verrrrry low iron to the mix! image

    Bleeding is horrid and just wont STOP! lol Oliver is 10 days old today and is sleeping quite well... he kinda has a pattern of sleeping through the evening then I get him down in his moses basket around 12 and he sleeps till 4. then 5 till 7... half 7 till 11... so if I need the extra sleep I do get it. image

    I tend to get up at half 7 and let my mum have cuddles before she goes to work because I wont be staying with them much longer and my mum is absolutely loved up!

    He is sooo much stronger than he should be and lifts his head up on his own for far too long! and he wont let me guide him to my breast anymore he has to latch himself or else he struggles against me so I have to just hold him in the right position and he latches himself (midwife was completely amazed at this!) but I do have to take him off and let him try again sometimes!

    Anyway I've rambled :P hope everyone is doing great! xxx
  • Hi all

    Glad to hear everyone's doing OK. Lottie and I have settled in too, she is 10 days today and we have been home for a week now. She was not feeding so well, so we had to go onto boot camp cos she got jaundice and was very sleepy - so feeding every 3 hours, initially using a syringe and then learning how to latch on.

    For the last 4 or 5 days we've moved to demand feeding which is generally every 2.5-3 hours but we do have a little routine, 7-8am, 11-12, 3-4, 6-7, 9-10 and 3-4am (it takes around an hour to feed each time) so I can plan sleeping around this. But last night she let me sleep for 6 hours!!! Yay!!! I am so in love with her she is just beautiful and she has put on 3.5oz in 5 days now which is just great - she had dropped from 7lbs 7.5oz birth weight to 6lbs 14oz which made me feel terrible - now she is gaining again image

    I haven't been out yet due to the c-section which is taking me a while to recover from. I'm hoping to get out this weekend at least for an hour or so.

    Love to you all

    Babysteps + Lottie

  • Glad everyone is doing so well! We too have the sleeping in the day and not wanting to settle until near on midnight but I can't seem to rest in the day when she does so I'm kind of surviving on about five hours of broken sleep a night lol
  • Hi All

    Isla is 3 weeks old today and it really does feel like she has been with us forever.

    She is such a happy and content little girl, never cries (hope i dont speak too soon)and she has a sleeping pattern at night now, she gooes 12 - 3.30 then 4.30 - 7.30 and i never feel the need to nap in the day as she lets me get plenty of sleep.

    Glasd all you ladies are doing well.

    Love Sarah & Isla xx
  • Glad everyone's doing ok

    Sarahbubs - I am so jealous of your little routine already - I'd kill for some sleep!

    I braved a family meal last night with my 2 year old and Charlie! They were both angels actually with Charlie only waking up when I'd finished my caramel apple crumble and cream (yum yum!) but I felt a bit self conscious breastfeeding him at the table so I crept ito the toilet and fed him for 25 mins in there! I'm sure people were wondering what I was doing in there all that time!

    Prettypink&oscar - I'm taking Charlie to get weighed every week but mainly because i'm a bit paranoid about breastfeeding him exclusively and I want to be happy that he is getting enough milk. (Also it's quite a nice 20 minute walk so it gets me out for some exercise) I'll probably take it down to once a fortnight at 3 months and then once a month from 6 mnths onwards.


  • Aleia has a good sleep pattern too. She's done it herself too which has helped! Lol!

    She feeds roughly 7,10, 1,4,7,11, and normally till 3.30ish! Lol!!

    It helps that she feeds either side of school run too!!! Lol!!

    She is awake quite a lot in the day too and has just started downing 4oz bottles! Wonder what she'll weigh tomorrow!! Lol!!

    She is so content. The complete opposite to Ethan as a baby! Dont know what to do with my self most of the day!! Lol!!

    Glad ladies and babies are well


  • Hi you all, we seem to have settled into our new family life fairly easily, helped in no small part by Mia being an exceptionally content and placid baby...I too find myself having far too much time to myself in the daytimes and feel positively lazy at times! But we are enjoying living in our own little bubble for the time being...going to bed when we please...(usually 2am!!...oops!) and getting up when we please..(usually waking around 8.00am and then indulging ourselves in lazing in bed until lunchtime!) ....sooooo naughty, but we won't have the opportunity for long so why not! We have basically forgotten about the world outside our door, and are taking an extremely leisurely approach to first-time parenthood, even after our little exciting episode midweek (will post about this another time!).

    Mia appears to have settled herself into a routine which is around the 3-hour mark for her feeds, generally 2am, 5am, and 8am etc, which is fine by us as it means we get around 6 hours total a night...well, the OH gets his unbroken of course!....and I haven't yet managed the art of kipping during the day - it just feels so unnatural, no matter if I'm tired or not.

    We are taking Mia out for the first time tomorrow, weather permitting, planning on taking the dogs to the park and introducing her to the neighbourhood.

    Good to be back with you guys xx
  • Hi Rory is 24 days old today and he thinks he rules the house already haha. He is a moody little thing but very cute with it lol.

    it took me a few days to feel able to go out and about after my c-section but it was a lot sooner than i had imagined. Now we have been out loads, even to the Trafford centre and Legoland in Manchester!!

    Harley is loving being a big brother and thinks he knows everything already haha.

    Rory is bottle feeding every 3-4 hours but up until a couple of nights ago he was just screaming for hours during the night. Fingers crossed he has been a lot more settled the last 2 nights.

    I can't believe how much he eats, he is having 6oz bottles already, but he was 9lbs 10.5oz at birth and then by 2 weeks old he was 10lbs!! The midwife is made up with him.

    Hope you and your babies are all doing well

    Love Hev and Rory xx
  • Hi ladies

    Caitlin is 5 days old today and isa another contented little lady! She was tiny at birth so have been feeding every 3 hours but she is now feeding loads and going between 4 and 5 hours.

    Am recovering from my c section and am going out the house for the first time 2moro as taking her to be registered so am looking forward to the outing

    Jodie is being a brilliant big sis - was quite worried about her being jealous but she seems very taken with Caitlin same as us image

    Jen + Caitlin xx
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