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Hi girls,

Thought I would write this is up while Dermot is napping and Conall is still at his grannies .... the calm before the storm lol!

Dermot Joseph's Birth Story:

Well as u know due date came and went on 19th fairly uneventful. Had sweep at mw that morning at 9.15 which she said my cervix was very thin but she couldnt get the full sweep done because the babys head was in the way. However she still seemed confident it might work. I was given an appointment for another sweep on 25th and Induction date of 31st. (soooo glad I never got to that!)

So rest of 19th, 20th I had cramping which was getting worse but nothing with any pattern and was managable with pain killers. Was on here posting at various times but nothing much happened.

Went to bed on 20th after having more sore tummy, a bloody show and a clear out and took paracetemol before going to bed. Woke at 6am with cramps which were contractions by 7am I would say. Conall was meant to be getting collected at 10am to go to grans for the day so had in my head I was holding off till then so as not having to tell the in laws what was going on just yet.

However got to about 8.30am and I was struggling - bent over birthing ball, gripping onto furniture etc - not fun! DH called his Dad and got him to collect Conall early. Phoned the hospital still quite calm and was told to come and be checked but that would probably be sent home as didnt sound too uncomfortable hmmmm....

By the way my last labour was 7 hours and at my 40 week appointment this time mw had said "it will happen soon and be quick" and so hospital at first signs so I hoped this was it!

Taxi came at about 9.30am and I was in quite a bit of pain. Got stuck in awful traffic due to an accident and I remember "Time Warp" being on the radio which makes me laugh now! Had several contractions in the taxi which seemed to vary in intensity - every 3rd or 4th one being very strong.

Arrived at hospital at about 10am and sent to Maternity Assesment. Left in a cubicle for half an hour as they were very busy. Everyone was so quiet and heres me puffing and groaning away trying to be as quiet as possible lol. DH kept asking if i was ok and to get someone but I kept saying I was ok. Turns out I wasnt lol! Finally I admitted defeat and he ran off to get someone. MW came in and said "oh i see - she wasnt that uncomfortable when u came in" ... how helpful !

Examined and was VERY relieved to hear I was 6cm dialated and fully effaced. Waters still in tact but lots of show. Was then rushed up to labour ward and given some much wanted privacy!!! Asked for Gas and Air and it took them 10 mins to find a mouthpiece. At that point I went from wanting a birthing ball to just getting into the bed as the pains got much worse! Used Gas and Air and had a small shot of pethadine 15 mins before bubbs was born just to take the edge off.

Had a brilliant mw who kept me calm and let me do what my body wanted to which was fab. Due to my last 3rd degree tear she talked me through the whole pushing process and gave me reasons for everything she was doing. I felt the head come down and said i wanted to push. Was examined and told thats fine and she advised me she could make a small cut and baby would be straight out. I was happy to go for this because she explained unlike last time where I was almost threatened with it for not pushing properly lol!

So out he came at 12.40 after about 20 mins and just as the pethadine had taken effect on me. He was placed in my chest which was just magical as my last lo was taken away to Special Baby at that point. Cord was cut and mw gave me the injection and delivered afterbirth. I was then given a few stitches at the bed - nothing as bad as last time and didnt tear my original wound which was brilliant news. She then got consultant in just to check my previous tear and put my mind at rest which was great. Weight checked and he was 8lb 3oz.

Had tea and toast and a bath then went up to the ward in time for visiting at 2.30pm. Conall got to meet his brother (not that he took much notice) then spent the day recovering. Got home at 3pm the next day and settling in well.

Think thats everything - sorry it was so long and well done if u got this far!

Joanna, Conall and Baby Dermot (2 days old!)
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