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just saying hi


hi girls so nice to see us down here image cant believe my little girl is now 17 days old. dont get online much these days. having a toddler kicking about makes it difficult to find any spare time between feeding changing and doing housework!

hope your all doing ok and babies arent causing too much trouble. x x


  • Hi,

    Ditto with the toddler! Have given in on the housework.
  • Hi, I too can't believe Imogen is 19 days. I have added into the mix a nine and six year old needing the school run lol
  • I can't believe my little lady is 15 days old already.

    It's really weird it feels like she's been here forever already!

    I also have a very hyper 6 year old who although is very good is being a bit high maintenance! Lol!!

    Hubby back to work next week so will be doing it all on my own from Monday!! Eek!!

  • hiya! It's quite amazing, isn't it, how the last couple of weeks of pregnancy seem to drag on forever, and yet as soon as the little monkeys arrive, time is something that there is never enough of! Mia is now 15 days old and I can honestly say that I've never known the simplest of tasks take so long! I feel I've achieved a milestone when I've managed to get the thank-you cards written....(but not posted yet!) I have given myself a little bit of pressure by accepting a job interview tomorrow and so I have also been trying to research the company and get a presentation done as well as taking care of a baby who wanst feeding every hour at the moment......hahahahahahahah....not happening!!! The interview is now just 18 hours away and it's still not completed!!! image

    Help!!!! xx
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