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professional photos.....

anyone taken their LOs for photos yet?

We booked in to pixifoto and went in today to get pics of all three of my little ones (ok two big ones lol) and was rather disappointed. They rushed us through, didn't wait for Immy to smile so actually missed some corkers and then tried to pressure us to buy their most expensive packages for nearly ??400 for just a few photos!!!


  • Is this the free sittings you get vouchers for??

    I'm hoping to book ours sometime this week!

    We used portrait place with Ethan so no experience of pixi foto but Christ they dont sound good!

    How rude are they! Where the pics ok or you not seen them yet?

  • Hi hun.

    No, they weren't the free ones, they grabbed us when we were in mothercare and got us to sign up lol. paid ??15 to join their "vip" club which gets you three sittings each with a "free" photo but that free one is a pose they choose an you have to pick it there and then before they carry on with the rest of the sitting.

    It felt very rushed and when Imogen decided she was hungry half way through they weren't impressed at all. Have to say I've had photos with pixi before when they weren't quite as big and were just a stand in boots and it seemed much better and so much cheaper.

    Think for our family photos in a few months we'll speak to the photographers that did our wedding and go to their studio!
  • Hey,

    We took our little 1 when he was 5weeks. They are amazing - we only had 3 pictures but they are huge glossy pictures - I don't know exactly what the material is called - I will google it and update my post lol they are each 72.5cm x 72.5cm and are across our dining room wall. We took our dog as well. The pictures are precious because they are once in a life time thing so we paid to have them all on a disc so we can get lots printed. It's really special to have them on disc because I have used them on cards, a fathers day heat and reveal mug, had a story book/photo book printed of them all, we used them for our wedding and Christening invitations too.

    But only 7 months on and he's changed so much so I feel like we need to go again but I can't believe that any one can afford to keep going back - as much as I want to - it's just not possible.

    I'll have to transfer our garage in to a studio.

  • We got our wedding photographers to do ours at 2 weeks, 7 months and he will get them done again at a year. They are phenomenal, brilliant spend.
  • Hiya

    Not sure where you all live but i live in Essex and the one all my Mummy friends are using and raving about is, they have all had family shoots & Christenings done by him.

    Worth a look x
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