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Sleep?? or lack of it!!

Hi ladies,

Sorry its been ages since I've been on, hope you are all well. D????ire is 6 weeks old today can't believe how fast the time has gone. He's doing really well too and is a really good baby generally. However, at bedtime he just won't sleep in his crib no matter how many times we try, so we usually take him into bed with us and he goes straight out! Hubby is more worried about this than me but I'm starting to think we are making things worse. Is anyone elses baby like this or is it just us?? How do you get your lo to sleep on their own??

Thanks ladies


  • Alfie goes to sleep in his crib but won't go back in it once he's woken, so he's in bed with us usually from 3-4am. I'm not totally keen mainly as there's no room for me in bed between hubby and Alfie!! I feel we'll continue with this until he moves into his own room and cot in a couple of months...
  • Thanks mrs_eee at least he's not the only one ha! Hope you and Alfie are well x
  • g/c from BIF, Esme was born on 2nd Feb, so not far off some of your little ones.

    She can be a bit hit and miss with her basket, Wednesday night she went down in it at about 8pm, and went straight back to sleep in it after feeds during the night. Last night, no chance! She woke up a couple of minutes after we put her down every time and ended up sleeping with us all night.

    The hv did recommend swaddling her and letting her fall asleep on you and putting her down still wrapped, so she is not so aware of the change, and also making sure the basket is warm. But we've done exactly the same both nights, so it doesn't always work!

    Good luck, and let us know if you find something that works!

    Elf x
  • D????ire may just need that comfort of knowing you are there. Perhaps putting your hand on his chest or holding his hand may help soothe him.

    With Lili being our second Im of the opinion that some babies are born "good" sleepers while others just arent. When my son was 9 months old I looked after another 9 month old girl as well for one day - she was a GREAT sleeper and always had been. Put her down to sleep awake and walk out the door. Job done. I wanted one of those!! My son needed a lot of sleep training over the year to get him to continually go down easily. For the first 12 wks it would take us up to 2hrs to get him down at night! With Lili she was born happily putting herself to sleep (blessed I know!!) From my experience though, she will stir if she has a wind pain. My son had terrible colic and reflux so it was probably why he was so unsettled - when the colic subsided and his reflux was medicated he learnt to go off on his own at 16wks. So all i could suggest is make sure they are comfortable, don't have wind that needs to get out, and if you've done everything possible dont stress if they need a little extra help to go to sleep. You cant form bad habits when they are still this young and if it continues there isnt anything that cant be undone with a little sleep training. Nothing lasts forever and things do fall into place at some stage - he won't be 18 and still sleeping in your bedimage

  • Hey,

    We have had the same problem with Jude. He was fine in his moses basket until we went away. while we where away for a week he wouldnt sleep in his moses basket. some nights he would go down (after screaming the house down with stomach ache) then come into our bed when he woke for a feed.

    when we got home we thought everything would go back to normal him in his moses basket but it has not! he has been in our bed ever since. I have put him in the middle of our bed on a fairly flat pillow so he is at the same level of us. he is also in his sleeping bag, we also lay him very high up on the pillow by our headboard. I spoke to the HV and she said what we are doing is good & as long as we are happy.

    We plan to leave him in our bed until he is 6months and then put him in to his cot.



    Emsie & Jude (7weeks)

  • Have you tried putting him on his side? As mummabear has indicated, it may be that he doesn't like being on his back due to a bit of extra wind or something...I know ours was like that. I now make sure I squeeze every last bubble of burp out of her and put her into the basket on her side!

    Doesn't always work, mind, and sometimes she just wants to know that someone is there...a hand on her tummy, a stroke on her head, or simply sitting on the bed next to the basket. I guess we are lucky in that we have never had to take her into our bed...I just would never sleep!...and if she doesn't settle in her basket, she gets taken downstairs for a cuddle until time to try again.

    However, don't worry that he'll never sleep in his own of the families I worked with last year had a 4year old still sleeping in their bed, and in took just a few days to get him to sleep in his own bed in his own room. Whatever works for you and your family is right xx
  • Have you tried a toy? We got a Vtech light show for Rebekah and she loves it. It plays lovely nature sounds or music and projects a light show onto the ceiling. X
  • Mummys2be - what you are doing with Jude sounds great I will try the pillow if he won't settle in his crib tonight.

    We play the lullabies and sea souns on his mobile every night but doesnt seem to work. Even when he's put into his crib asleep he wakes up straight away. I do think he just likes the comfort of being close to me in particular, he's pretty much the same in the day too! I don't really mind him being with us but hubby is worried.

    Thanks for all your advice I will try your ideas out and see if they work!
  • Hey MrsL,

    Sorry for late reply. I have the same issue with my LO who is 8 weeks and a friend recommended swaddling. Now we wait til she is tired and then swaddle her snugly (she looks so cute with her little head poking out). This has worked for the past 3 nights - even after a late feed where before she would only settle in bed with me, I have swaddled her again and she has settled. I still take her into bed with me for the last feed tho, cos I love the cuddles (she generally wakes at 1am, 3/4am and 6/7am so is in bed with us from 6/7am for an hour or so until we get up).

    Hope this helps xx
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