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finally made it!!

well ive finally managed to get on here its only taken me 7ish weeks lol,

well little update from me, Aimee arrived very quickly i went in to be induced on the tuesday, waited all day and they kept putting me off the put me on the moniter about 11pmish and aimee's heartbeat was really fast so amazingly they found a room in the delivery suite and had my waters broken and an hr and 20 mins later and with only 5 mins pushing she popped out very fast weighing 8lb 2oz, altho i wanna no how as she was in tiny baby clothes and has only just made it to newborn size lol, she is a really good baby bless her and luckly with all the excess fluid theres nothing wrong with her well execpt she has a hernia bless her but thats nothing to do with the fluid,

i must say its bloody hard work with 3 under 5 and i have next to no sleep, aimee only wakes up once during the night for a feed so im very lucky, but harry still wakes up now and then as he's only just turned 15 months, it takes me an hr just to get out the door lol bugt i wouldnt change any of my kidlets hehe,

i have missed coming on here and chatting with u all, altho i do chat to some on facebook,

i hope everyone is ok and i reallyyyyyy hope i can get back on here image



  • hi April! Glad you made it back to matter how long it took! None of us get on here very much at all these days...not sure why...... :lol:

    Really pleased to hear that Aimee is doing well and you're enjoying your time as mummy! 3 under 5???? A medal is on the way!! xx
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