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Just a quick update

Hey ladies

Just a quick update! Im sorry ive not been on a lot having 3 kids under 3 really doesnt leave me any spare time. I'm on antidepressants and having councelling once a week. My HV has been fantastic im going to put the girls back in Nursery 3 days a week at the beginning of April because i need some time with Dylan etc!

Im using positive reinforcement with the twins because they are being awful with Dylan they said they are doing it to get my attention even if its negative! So i ignore the bad and praise the good sems to be working a bit image

Dylan is sleeping through the night now most nights and sam is really pulling his weight with the girls and Dylan its working. Every saturday we go out as a family in the afternoon and every sunday i go out with the girls and he stays with Dylan and the week after i stay with Dylan and Sam takes the girls out image Were working im not worrying about the housework my babies come first! Sam helps on a weekend and i do what i can as long as the kids have clean clothes etc thats all that matters!

I do love my son it was difficult at the beginning Dylan being ill and the kids playing up going through the terrible two's as well! So hopefully things are looking up for me and im becoming the mummy i used to be before Dylan my son deserves the same as my daughters got from me

Anyway im off were going to soft play this afternoon fun times ahead!



  • Great to hear from you, and things are looking up now. I had to go on anti-depressants after I had Joshua and they really do the trick. It's hard sometimes to prioritise things, I have been getting really stressed recently about housework and it really isn't that important.

    I know how you feel about the bad behaviour from the older kids. My 3 year old is so naughty and cross at the moment. He adores Rebekah and is really gentle with her, it's just my husband and I that he is playing up for. I try to do the positive reinforcement with him, but it doesn't always work. Some behaviour just can't be ignored. I make time for him everyday, though it is hard sometimes. When Rebekah has a sleep, it is so tempting to sit down with a cup of tea, but I make sure that I use that time with Josh.

    Nursery will be a great help, it gives you that time to spend with the baby and also some time for yourself. X
  • Hi angelkisses....good to see you back here, and to hear that you're getting some help ...sounds like things are starting to come together for you and your family. Just remember, you're still the same great mummy you always were, you've just had a rough time and you need time and support to get through to the other side....but you're certainly on your way! Not many would have sought the help...I'm so pleased you did.

    Keep us updated, and if we can be of any help whatsoever, just holler on here.

    Sending a big hug xx
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