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need help

i have my brother wedding in two weeks and i really need macey to take a bottle as my mum is going to feed her cause im am a bridsmaid and to help me out so im not feeding all days as sometimes i am feeding all day long she just wont take bottle gets her self well stressed out any tips


  • hiya...I don't really have any magic wand for you, I'm afraid...I just thought I'd reply as I'm also trying to move Mia onto the bottle as I go back to work in 4 weeks. So far...nothing is working, so I understand your frustration image

    I've tried aptamil, expressed milk, different teats, different positions, etc etc....the next thing to try tonight will be to leave the house while my oh tries to feed her the bottle when she is calm after her bath and while he wears one of my sweatshirts....just something someone suggested to me, so not sure if you would be able to try it as well??

    Can I keep gatecrashing here incase you get some further tips??

    Keep persevering....everyone else seems to manage to get their lo's onto mix feeding, so I don't see why we shouldn't be able to!....we just have to persuade Macey and Mia!! xx
  • Hi hun, all I can suggest is to get someone to give her a bottle while you're not in the room, and try to give her it before she starts crying for a feed, she may take it better if she's relaxed and not looking for you.

    Good luck!
  • thanks girls for help and earwig1971 i bought a breast feeding bottle called first years breastflow bottle and i will let u no to morrow when it here and i tryed it if its any good i really hope it works i need it to work so bad
  • thanks, abbielouise...I'll watch out for an update! Good luck!! x
  • I agree - dont be the one to give it to her! I was going by the rule of thumb to give a bottle at around 4wks when it is more successful for them to take it. Even so, Lili outright refused it then!! But then she also took a couple of weeks to take a dummy. But now she is 8wks she takes both. I get hubby to give her 1oz of ebm in the bath every night. It took a few nights to begin with and then she took it before I made a mistake of giving it to her one night when I bathed her and she looked at me in disgust and wouldnt take it! Then refused it the next few nights from hubby. But she is taking it again now. Funny enough, I tried to give her ebm this morning as i had to rush out and wanted to top her up and she wouldnt take it from me but took it from someone else when I left.


    Good luck! x
  • i give up she will not take it
  • I'd a similar problem as had a family occasion I wanted to attend and it was in the evening- I flew from bristol to Belfast for it but Niamh wouldn't take a bottle so I had to miss it image But since then I was recommended to use Nuk teats and not to be one to fed her- I tried again, no luck but dude tried and she gobbled it all up! I guess if they're hungry they'll take whatever is on offer but if it's us then they can smell the milk.

    Good luck x
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