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It's taken 11 weeks but ....


Don't get me wrong, i've loved Charlie since I found out I was pregnant but the last 11 weeks have been the hardest of my life!

I never imagined how hard it would be with 2 children!

My first is coming up to 3 and he has turned ino a little devil over the last few weeks, being rude and answering back, not going to bed, not wanting to sleep in his own bed, wetting hiself during the day etc etc so dealing with this while trying to look after Charlie has been a bit hellish!

But Bobby started playschool this week so i'm getting a bit more time to myself and he is better behaved and happier for having something to do I think. And (probably just a coincidence) but since Bobby has been at playschool, Charlie seems to have settled more - he is feeding less often but taking more at a time (I started mix feeding last week) and he is sleeping from 11pm until 7am and only waking once in the night! (although he is in bed with me for most of the night but hey - ho!)

So apologies for disappearing for the last few weeks but I haven't been in the best of minds plus I literally haven't had the time to come on here!

I hope that all of you ladies are enjoying your little ones and if you too are finding things tough - it does get better, so hang on in there!

Lisa, Bobby and Charlie

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  • HI Lisa ... welcome back to cyber-world! Sounds like you've been having a bit of a time of it...but coming through the other side like a pro, obviously! My lo is my 1st, so I have every respect for you for coping with a newborn AND a toddler....

    welcome back xx
  • Hi hun. Glad things are settling down for you. I too found it hard going from one to two kiddies so can sympathise. It's so difficult when th older one is getting jealous because they don't understand.
  • Hi, glad you're smiling. I totally sympathise with you, I have a 3 1/2 year old and he has taken on a whole new personality! He adores Rebekah, but is a nightmare with us. Answering back, shouting, getting really cross, impatient and hitting us. People keep telling us it's a phase, I just hope it doesn't last too long! X
  • Oh gosh I feel so much better reading this iykwim!!! I have had an awful past 3 weeks. DS is 16mths and has turned into a nightmare since my mum left when Lili was 5wks. She is 8wks tomorrow. It's been hard as she has colic and in the past month DS has had to deal with his gran leaving, the realisation that there is another bub in the house, he cut all 4 molars and now 2 canine teeth this week with the other 2 still coming through :x :x :x and he finally got given a place with a childminder 2 days a week and started this week. He has turned into an absolute monster!!! Also hitting and the meltdowns have increased in frequency (to the point i lose count how many in one day!) and intensity. I have been absolutely broken this week from it all.

    I hope it passes soon. I know he has a lot to deal with, especially with so many teeth at once on top of all the rest of it, but it just soooooooo hard. I was expecting some regression which never happened but I think Id prefer that to all this!! It's nice to hear someone else has come through the other side so thanks for posting this. Oh and WELL DONE for getting through it!!

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