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Even more wind :-(

My Daniel Bach has been unsettled at night for about a week now image Although he brings up great big burps when he's feeding, he sems to like to hold on to the last bits for a good 2 hours !! We're using Infacol, but bought gripe water yesterday (he doesn't seem to like the taste of that... but I'll kep trying it)

ALthough he seems to sleep through his discomfort, mam and daddy don't !!! Trying everything people can suggest ....

Although wind does give him a bad belly during the day, obviously it's not as much as a problem as it is at 2/3am as he can be moved / played with to move and release the wind. I propped the moses basket up the ther night, it worked for a bit image

A very tired Katy and Daniel (7 weeks)


  • Hi. I use the tummy tub (bath) with my little one every night b4 bed and she brings up some bug burps in it. Obviously not the answer in the middle of the night but may stop the build up. My midwife suggested deep baths as well, so you would have a bath with bubs. Its the same effect as the tummy tub. Baby massage is meant to be good, i'm going to a class next week so haven't tried it yet.
  • Thanks for thse tips, I've not tried any of them. I've only had one session of baby massage so will ask my HV this mrning when she visits to recap. Was up all night again last night image although the night b4 was a very good night ... not sure what we did differently either.
  • Hi hun, hoping you're getting somewhere...

    Imogen seems to be helped wind wise by laying her on her tummy across my lap. the pressure seems to help her bring her wind up

  • hi you getting on? Did you try the bucket-bath? Like clareabella, we have put Mia across our laps to try and get the wind up, so I'd second trying that one. I think you're doing all you can and he's just a windy little man (like Daddy??)....and persevere with the gripe water (is it Woodwards?)'s our last resort when we've tried everything else, but it works a bloody treat!! We don't manage to get the full dose down, only half a teaspoon, but it's like pushing the 'off' switch to her crying!!

    Love to you and the men of the house xx
  • My sympathies Katy. Our Lili also has colic and I rejoice every Saturday that it's another week closer to the 12 wk mark. She is nearing 10 weeks now. Just to give you some hope... it does heighten at around 6-7 weeks which is probably why it's been a tough week previous so hopefully things will start to calm a little from hereon. I used to be up for 2hrs in the night to feed and wind (40mins or less feeding and the rest winding!! :x ) but now the night feeds are calm. Are you giving the Infacol before every feed? I find when I miss even one that she pays for it either at that feed or later on. :cry:

    The deep warm bath at night does help. Hubby does the bath with her so I give him 1-2 oz of ebm to give her in a bottle while she is in there. I used to bf my son in the bath too when he had colic and it helped cos they are more relaxed and their tummy is warm.

    Persevere with the gripe water. Lili hated it at first - and anything else i put in her mouth that wasnt my boob!! - but now she seems to love it and it certainly helps for those times when she is in pain during or after a feed.

    You are over halfway now before this nasty business disappears. Keep going! xx
  • Hi,

    Hope things are getting better for you. Just wanted to say that Charlie used to suffer with really bad wind, we too tried gripe water, infacol etc etc but they didn't have too much effect.

    However, he is now 13 weeks old and we aren't having any more problems! Just hang in there for a few more weeks! Here's to a peaceful night!


  • Things seem to be getting better for our little man. Yep use infacol b4 every feed, only use gripe water if the winding isn't helping, I think I use most holds people have suggested. I've borrowed a tummy tub to use and have changed to Dr Brown bottled. We will defeat this horrible thing our babies suffer with.

    Thanks ladies xx
  • My LO is 5 weeks and has been windy from 2 weeks i have stuck with the infacol and the dr brown bottles and these last 2 days and nights Esme has been so content and happy no problems with wind. Hope you find a solution soon X
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