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thought i would say hey to the janners who pop on for a nose like me!!! lol!!



  • Hello! I still pop on, we're awfully quiet, aren't we? How's your little bundle? Not so little now if anything like mine! X
  • Have ventured on for a nosey!!
  • hey!!

    i pop on every now and then but lurk mainly!! lol!!

    my little princess is far from little now!! 16 wks today already!!

    hows your little bundle?

  • hiya. I pop on now and again but its always so quiet.

    can't believe how quick its going. My little one rolled over the other day, i was so chuffed it was daft!!
  • Hellooooo lol.

    I don't come on much now, the facebook group is much better.

  • me either i've not been on here for months but check the facebook page from my phone daily!

    little man is soooo close to rolling - he's getting really frustrated that he can't do it yet - bless him xx
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