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Oh my god!!!

Dij2012 is up! How scary, this time last year we were all getting our bfp's!

Anyone else thinking about no.2? Hubs and I are thinking about ttc after little dudes 1st birthday image x


  • Hi havent been on in a while oh my god it has gone so fast hasnt it tho it didnt feel like it when pregnant lol! my son is 18 weeks now. Definately not having any more i have a 6 year old too and my oh has had a vasectomy now so all done for me now i can enjoy my babies. x
  • It's strange, in some ways it seems to have gone fast, in others it seems to have dragged.

    We have a facebook group now, which is why this forum is so quiet image
  • does anyone know how to find tge facebook group? x
  • not sure i just got added to it? it's born in jan2011 though so might be able to find it through that? or if your friends with one of the other ladies on facebook i think they can add you? xx
  • There is a chat topic on here with a link xx
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