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Anybody there......?

Hi all,

Haven't been on in ages and I know most of you guys chat on facebook now but I'm not really into the whole Facebook thing! (weird I know but I can't stand people knowing where I am and what i'm doing every minute of the day!)

So for anyone that does pop on now and again, I hope you and your family's are doing great. I can't believe my little Charlie now has 2 teeth and is making efforts to crawl across my living room army style!

I have a quick question.... I still haven't has a period (or any bleeding at all) since I had Charlie on new years eve. I breastfed until 16 weeks. When can I expect it to return? I think it took 3 months after my first.

I must admit me and hubby haven't been very careful with protection when it comes to bd'ing but we don't do it much!!! Tmi I know! Not that I'm even considering" the prospect of bring pg again!

Is anyone else still awaiting the return of theirs?

Thx guys and hope all is good



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