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Is anyone else suffering with these. Apart from a little bit of sickness this is what I have been suffering with from near enough day dot. My whole head and neck hurts image


  • recently been getting bad headaches...mainly when ive not slept properly my head pounds...never really had headaches before either so am suffering with it....x
  • Me too never really suffered. Hubby has been keeping me up snoring so wondering If that has something to do with it.

    I seem to get them from the minute I wake up to mid morning then various times in the day xx
  • Surprisingly not considering I've suffered with migraines all my life, this last week though I've had such a dull ache in my head for days, started taking extra iron supplements yesterday and I feel so much better now, remember from when I had low iron levels in teens that it gave me lots of constant headaches then too, am hoping this supplement helps, have you tried massage, neck pain makes mine worse. Bought a large maternity sleep pillow in mothercare (made up of a pillow for head, a bit for the bump and a long bit for the leg) so hoping that better helps too image

  • Me too. Just recently in the last week or so, but I'm getting them everyday now.

    I hope its not an iron deficiency because i'm still struggling with my bowels and iron will make it so much worse! lol x
  • eat some beans...iron and wind....a win win situation lmao
  • Oh god, beans! Thats the worst thing in the world for me, I feel like i'm going to pop! lol!

    I didn't think we could have codeine? I went to the docs on tuesday & they wouldn't give me anything stronger than paracetamol because codeine can affect the baby. x
  • is it normal to get headaches a lot in pregnancy i forgot to tell the midwife am really suffering today...nasty throbbing had a nap but didnt help image
  • GP yes it is. I asked the MW and she said that there are so many hormones going on in your body you are likely to get headaches xx
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