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trousers too tight!!!!!

last week i wore some lining trousers and they fit fine, as i went to the loo i ripped the button off and have not sown it bk on yet, so today i am wearing them and just using the draw string to keep them up and they are sooooooo tight wen i sit down!!!! could it be that baby has had a massive growth spurt in 1 wk???

on a different but very happy note my friend had her baby at lunch time and wants me to go up and see them tonight!!! so excited!!! image



  • im in same boat but been getting tighter gradually.....maybe your baby has just moved up a bit out of your on emergency maternity shopping tomorrow.....only got a little budget so have to be clever lol
  • It can seem to turn suddenly very quickly.

    New Look maternity is good and has quite a few bits in the sale at the moment. I also bought a lot of basics during the last pregancy, most of which was barely worn and a bargain. Good when you're on a tight budget.
  • It's annoying really, I have loads of maternity tops but no trousers, also wiv my other 2 pregnancies I was big in the summer so it's all maxi dresses which is gd for now but I'll b mostly big in the winter so need to buy new stuff - oh well! More ahopping! Hehe image xx
  • I cant do my jeans or trousers up anymore but my maternity jeans I am forever hiking up! If I can I wear dresses as much as possible. Everyone at work say I am getting bigger every week and I think as this is my first I am worried I am fatter then everyone else. People keep joking are there twins in there but I keep thinking maybe there is. Then I think I have had three scans and all only shown one baby and I doubt very much that one is hiding behind the other xx
  • Thanks for the tip of new look, I am off maternity clothes shopping tomorrow and am on a tight budget. Also does anyone have by tips for me for work. The bottom popped of my trousers the other day and I am a nurse so have to wear a uniform only work won't provide us with maternity clothes as there are too many of us pregnant and they say it will cost too much money! At the minute I am walking round with buttonless pants just the zip done up x
  • Have you thought about getting a bump band? I wear them over my trousers. Buttons are no way close to each other anymore but nobody knows as the bump band hides it xx
  • I had the same in my first pregnancy everyone kept saying are you sure there's only one in there. It turned out I was carrying a lot of water and my daughter was 7lb 6oz. Also as I entered my third trimester I had a lot of people saying to me they didn't think I would go full term, but I did. So don't worry about the comments and go on how you feel
  • I've got some black trousers for work from new look and they're really comfy. They have a zip & buttons but they have a stretchy jogging bottom style bit which helps them stretch and also a hidden elastic expander which you can extend when your bump gets bigger.

    They're fairly big on me at the minute but i'm noticing I can't take them down as easily without undoing the buttons anymore! lol x
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