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sickness absence

I was asked to an informal meeting today with my manager and supervisor and they informed me that my level of sickness absence was not acceptable. They are under the impression that my IBS attacks and migraines which I know have increased since being pregnant (because it's happening to ME) aren't maternity related as they were existing conditions.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.


  • Can you get a Dr's note so you can prove that it is increased due to your pregnancy? How was it left? xx
  • I think that's terrible, surely they can't do that! dont employers have to be really careful about dealing with pregnant women?

    I'm diabetic so need to have consultant appointments every two weeks and then scans every four weeks from 20 weeks, my employers have been really good so far and told me to take the time I need!
  • Get a letter off your midwife or doctor to say these conditions have been made worse by pregnancy. My work have been the same with me x
  • they should be more careful.....not a good idea being funny with pregnant employees, if in a similar meeting record what is said and ask them for a copy of what was discussed. Obviously no company is good with illness and absence and sadly they have found a loop hole that you had conditions before pregnancy and so can say its not pregnancy will be upto you to prove that pregnancy has worsened conditions and increased absences...otherwise sadly they have been clever about it :roll:
  • Sorry for g/c maybe this is a good thing they don't see it as pregnancy related. If you push that it is then you may be forced to go on maternity leave early (obviously later on in the pregnancy). Might be worth having a look into it?
  • G/C from DIS but this is a tricky ground to play as pregnancy can either improve or worsten symptoms of pre-exisitng conditions but as pointed out above if you do emphasize the fact pregnancy is having an impact your employer can enforce your maternity leave to start once you reach 36wks as a result of pregnancy related illness. Tread carefully with this one.
  • Fortunately I'm on a temp contract so leaving when that finishes Nov 15th. They have agreed to use my annual leave from October to cut my 2 long days to short ones when possible but I'm part of a small team so not always possible. It was hard doing 9 1/2 hour days anyhow especially now PG. They also want me form September to take a 15 min break morning and afternoon so I can go and have a sit down.
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