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Pink or Blue one?

Hello All

Is anyone else obsessing over the sex of the baby? I don't know what's wrong with me - i'm a woman possessed. I have a 22month old daughter and i really really want a sister for her. There are heaps of other reasons why i want another girl but i won't bore you all with the details. Thing is, i'm worried about my state of mind if it's a boy as i am so anti boys at the moment. the fact that 2 of my nephews are very difficult boys, wanting to fight, get dirty etc doesn't help matters. also, a lot of the boys that my daughter plays with at play groups are very agressive which is turning me off the blues completely. i really think i might be in trouble if it's blue and i worry that i could reject the baby and get pnd. oh dear.

anyone else feeling the same or something similar?

In addition i find it so strange as i used to love boy babies (before i had my daughter). i think it's boy toddlers that i struggle with. they seem to be so much more of a handful.


R x


  • I'm thinking of booking a gender scan fdor next week! I have a 16 month old girl and would love another girl. I wouldn't be upset to be given a boy, I'd just like a girl. I've chosen her name lol!
  • Boys arent that bad.........they are very fun lively creative little creatures that never fail to make you laugh on a bad day......i spose i love being outside getting muddy and dirty and playfighting, climbing trees etc.......when its your own its a very different story and any child can be brought up in a good way.

    I am secretly hoping for a girl as we have lots of boys in our family and i have a son...but i know i will be just as happy with another sure you will love baby equally as much if it turns out to be a boy....think of it as an unknown challenge....brothers and sisters have just as much fun as same sex siblings image
  • i have a boy and he is very active and energetic but also very cuddly and kind! Like the others said yours will be different to any others and you can make him behave!

    My whole family want me to have a girl, but I already have an inkling it is a boy, so i'm not worry about me,more them at the moment! Ha Ha
  • I don't mind as long as they are ok but hubby and rest of family really really want a girl, even calling bump a her lol despite the fact I think baby will be a boy. Would love them to be right as I have no preference either way, but there are an awful lot of boys in the family and not many girls so it would be nice image

  • I thought I wasn't to worried what it is but the closer I get the more I think I'd really like a girl. But I'm convinced it's a boy. I am now worried I will be disappointed which is so silly as I am so happy to be having this baby. Mum says once the baby is in my arms I won't care and I'll love it whatever which is no doubt true. But I'm a right girly girl and would like a girl one day. But now feeling guilty about saying this or even thinking it and hope this little one is all ok. I know I'll love it whatever but I have always thought about having at least one girl xx
  • You really won't mind when baby is here image I'm a very girly girl and would love a girl one day but have spent so much time with nephew since he was born it doesn't matter either way to me, either gender is lovely, and it's much nicer when they are yours you'll love them the same image

  • I have just spoken to my friend who had a boy January and she was like me always wanted girls but she was so happy that she was getting a boy and she has now made me excited about the possibility of having a boy. So think I am back to not minding boy or girl xx
  • image are you going to find out the gender?

  • One minute I think no I dont want to know and the next I do! I think we will decide when we are in there and the sonographer asks us. Are you finding out? xx
  • Lol image ye we are finding out. Having a gender scan next week and then want the 20 wk scan to confirm it image

  • ohh how exciting you will have to let us know how you get on xx
  • Hi, I'm gate crashing from from DIN, I already have 2 boys(4years and 17months) and was really hoping this one would be a girl to complete the family, but it's another boy, at first I was a little bit disappointed but not because it was a boy but I realised the fact that I would not have a daughter and the experience of bringing up a girl as this is our last. It's been just over 4 weeks since we found out and we have both accepted it's a boy and I know we love him as much as our other boys.x
  • will definitely let you all know, hubby is so excited to know image

    aawww emilyb02uk that'll be fab to have all boys image

  • When I was expecting DD I was convinced she would be a he, so was surprised when she came out. Lovely of course! Now with this one I would love a little boy, but I think it's going to be another girl. I miscarried a boy earlier this year, so I think maybe that was our chance, and that this one will be a wee sister for DD! We'll be finding out so either way we'll be able to get used to the idea, and of course as long as we make it to the end and baby is fine we won't mind.
  • hey girls

    you are SO right, of course i will love baby when he/she is in my arms, i know that deep down. And honestly, the most important thing is that the baby is 100% healthy. i'm just being a drama queen and i suppose if it is a boy, i want to be excited about it (as i should be) not thinking oh no, wish it was a girl. that's all. YES i am most defintely going to find out. i did last time. i just have to know. i hate saying ' it' and i have chosen names. last time, i was calling Addison by her name before the 20 weeks scan as i was so certain she was a girl. the scan is 2 weeks monday - roll on!
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