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Had my private gender scan and.........

...... it's a GIRL!!!!!!

We were shocked and so so happy. Really thought it was going to be a little boy

We went straight to the shops and bought a few pink outfits and it's amazing seeing the little outfits hanging in her wardrobe.

As for chinese gender charts, they were all wrong!! hehe


ps how do i post a link to a pic on facebook of my little girl?


  • Congratulations on finding out your having s baby girl image have you thought of any names for her yet? X
  • much jealous! congrats! we will be waiting til end of this month and hopefully will be able to see. cant wait to buy things in colour havent bought anything yet really just as i cant stand cream and white lol
  • Fantastic News Wispa, have fun buying Pink!
  • That's lovely news! Congrats! xxx
  • Congratulations! Best wishes! x
  • Woohoo congratulations image we're having a gender scan next week, cannot wait!!!! image

  • You know I have whooped all ready but I'll say it again whoop whoop so pleased for you hunni xx
  • Hehe, thanks everyone. I'm soooooooo excited. Both hubby and i are so pleased we're having a little girl, got loads of pink bits already, i'm loving it!

    So glad we did early gender scan too so we can just concentrate on anomaly scanning at nhs one. Plus i'm just far too inpatient, hehe!

  • Lol us too, we want to have the gender scan so it can be confirmed at the 20 week one image

    Where did you have it done? We're going to go to Babybond as you can have it done from 16 weeks image

  • Had it at a place called, Baby4D near where i live, don't think it is a chain. Was ??70 which i think was quite good. The experience was lovely. Took both the mothers and there were lots of tears and laughter. Will remember the moment forever without sounding too cheesy!?!

  • Aawww that sounds lovely image

  • ahhhh a beautiful little lady x x xx

    congratulations x
  • ah fantastic. i did the same thing when i was pregnant with my little girl. went straight to jo jo and bought a stripy pink outfit and matching hat. i will never be able to throw it out!

    exciting times ahead. be warned, you'll never have any money. girls clothes are just fabulous! xxx
  • I had one and it was lovely, i couldnt wait to find out. When they said its a little boy he has had his hand on his widge, my mum turned to my hubby and said "theres no denying hes your then"

    He was named that day Alfie James and all these weeks later he is still Alfie, i aint changing my mind.
  • Congratulations! Ooh its so exciting image I have my nhs anomaly on 17th and we're hoping for a girl! Looks like your due date is same as mine, 4th jan?

    Alice xx

  • Congrats image

    Im on the pink team too, found out yesterday!!

    YAY!! image

  • Woohoo - so exciting hun xx
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