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2nd timers are you feeling much?

2nd timers are you feeling much movement? i heard heartbeat at mw the other day but im still so paranoid as i cant feel anything yet well sometimes i think i can but im so windy and grumbly tummied im never sure. With first i didnt feel anything til 20 plus like to put it down to being so lively all the time that i dont really think about whats moving around in my tummy...but cant shift the worrying :?


  • It's hard not to worry as I did expect to feel movements much earlier as that's what they say. I only felt first real prod/kick on Sunday at 18 weeks exactly. Bet you'll be on complaining about getting kept awake all night soon image

    With my first I was about 21/22 weeks before I felt anything.
  • Hi,

    I thought I felt something last when I hit 16 weeks but nothing since, and am worried!!

    When I had my first I felt a fluttering from about 23 weeks ..

    Keep feeling my tum hoping I'll get some sort of feeling , I don't have midwife appt til October and my scan is 25th of this month! Seeing consultant on 12th as had c section last time but I doubt he will do a heartbeat check

    I'm sure everything is fine with all of our bubs i guess we will worry til we get to second scans!

    Sb xx
  • I was sure I felt a kick last night but only 14 weeks and don't think the baby is strong enough to kick me yet!! so probably only just wind!
  • i honestly have the worst wind ever...constant grumbly tummy......then when i hit the gaviscon its like a typhoon lol given up trying to work out which is a fart brewing or possible baby lmao
  • hello ladies

    YES lots. Felt the first kicks yesterday and i'm 19 weeks tomorrow. Felt movement since 11 weeks but i'm very sensitive and was the same the first time. the 11 week feeling was the baby doing somersaults and i was perfectly still in bed. felt like a tiny butterfly flapping its wings like mad really low down. too low down to be wind and also feels like champagne bubbles fizzing. Felt popping sensations from 16 weeks ( more somersaults) and as i said, first kicks yesterday which was awesome as the cat was sat on my tummy at the time. i got 2 really strong thumps which freaked me out and then 2 or 3 more and then the cat moved cos he was fed up of getting punched in the belly! lol.
  • The mw said to me 20 wks plus for first baby and around 17 / 18 for second. I'm getting a popping sensation.
  • I thought I felt something early on around 16 weeks but now I think it wasn't. Got worried then as wasn't feeling anything and thought I would've done, then definitely felt something at 18 wks exactly, ironically when I was sat waiting to see the midwife. It's still not constant, but am now 19 wks and think I feel something at least once a day, but it's very light, just like burps or popping. With my first I think it was after 20 weeks that I definitely felt baby. It's so hard not to worry, but I'm trying to worry less now!
  • With my first i felt movements at about 16.5 weeks, felt wonderful and tickly, and definitely baby! T

    his time have only felt the very lightest flutter sporadically and it is worrying!

    I have an anterior placenta and have been told that it can take much longer to feel movements but that doesnt make me feel any better! Especially as i was expecting movements around 16 weeks image
  • i feel the odd poke here and there and is defo baby as its the same as last time just annoying as cant find a pattern and some days nothing...just a matter of time i spose
  • I felt what i thought were movements quite early but not everyday - i've had most noticeable movements in the past week xx
  • Update: I'm definitely feeling baby now. No pattern as to when yet but am feeling it each day.
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