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Not sure if anyone watched it but where did mercades bump come from. It's bigger then ours and she only found out a few weeks ago! X


  • I said the exact same thing to OH she was off screen for 2 weeks and comes back absolutely huge!x
  • Her bump is more like a 7/8 month bump! Is ridiculous xx
  • Hehe, don't watch it but hollyoaks has never been known for it's accuracy, used to watch it religiously but it's not the same now with all the new characters.

    I reckon you've just got bump envy cw?! hehe

  • Hahaha how funny! I sed exactly the same thing!! Her bump is rediculous!!!! X
  • rofl I said that yesterday, we're way more pregnant than her and she is HUGE!!

  • soaps pregnancies always last a lot less, they never seem to have any bad problems during it (morning sickness, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia), and always go into labour when they have no phone, no transport and their worst enemy has to deliver the baby, who they later marry cos their hubby's gone off with the babysitter! Think i might watch too many!!

    On another note a woman in the co-op asked me when I was due the other day and when I said January she said but you're massive! Gee like thanks! Have started joking that its all cake now to people!
  • I get opposite. I'm still hiding my pregnancy so people are ashocked when I tell them I'm 18 wks
  • Why are you hiding your pregnancy Renee? There's no way i could hide it any longer, I struggled to get to 12 weeks!
  • Its private and I don't want loads of people knowing too soon. My parents and sister, work and some friends know. With my dd it was the same and nobody else knew until 20 weeks after the anomaly ascan. This time I won't get to 20 weeks!
  • My inlaws don't know. They have not bothered with amber in nearly 3 months so why should I tell them! They don't live far away either and are retired so have no excuses for their crapness.
  • Im the same as you Renee, I feel that pregnancy is a private thing too. We have told our parents, grandparents and a couple of close friends but thats it. I am definitely not announcing it on facebook or putting scan pictures on there either. I like it being private and i dont really have intentions of telling anyone else they will all find out once i have the baby anyway. Im sure a lot of people will eventually notice and if im asked i will tell them but thats it.

    Also i cant believe your inlaws! once they find out that you are pregnant it might make them realise what they are missing out on but thats shocking!
  • It upsets my husband a lot. He's an only child and he has no other family and they just don't care.
  • That's so sad Renee. I'm having problems with my dad at the moment and currently he has disowned us. I'm hoping he'll come around as he thought the world of my son and was excited when I told him I was pregnant, but I don't know if it will get better, so I understand how your hubby feels! Fortunately my hubby's family are amazing and I'm very close to my brother and my mum's family - my mum died when i was 15.
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