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Lin and Leo Change Bag

Hi Everyone

Has anyone got one or thinking of getting one? I bought the yummy mummy bag with my first which i liked for a few months but i hate it now. silly reasons of course. main one being there is a lot of cream material on it which is a dopey colour to have as it gets dirty really quickly. i've put it through the machine but it still looks grubby.

I really wished i'd gone for a decent leather bag that would last and last. I never knew about lin and leo last time around otherwise i would have got one. they are just fabulous. fabulously expensive too which is a bit of a bummer. Of course i can't really afford one but i reaaallly want one!


  • I want a yummy mummy one it's red with bows. So pretty. Got a free changing bag from boots as signed up to there baby club. It's worth ??35. It's plain back but will do for hubby when he takes baby out on his own as I'm sure he won't want to carry a yummy mummy one around! Xx
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