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Confused about dates

Hi ladies,

I'm confused about my dates. I was at the hospital this morning for my diabetes check with my consultant and obstetrician and also for my downs' blood tests. The midwife asked how many weeks I was so I said 16 today. She then asked if that was my LMP date or my scan date, so I said my scan date and she said that they always go on LMP dates, but if thats the case why bother having a dating scan? So now I have no idea if I'm due the 27th January or the 31st January. Any ideas?


  • my midwife is now going by the scan date and the sonogropher said that the new date she made would be the one they would all go by....none of the dates are exact anyway
  • My hospital is going by how big the baby was at scan. Lmp would be 31.12.11. But by scan 4.1.12 and this is what my EDD is xx
  • i was always told to go by the scan date as they are more accurate because of the measurements taken. best to go by the scan date as it is usually later than the lmp date. x
  • That's what I thought too, but midwife insisted on going by the LMP date, i don't get it! As I'm diabetic am anticipating being induced early anyway so it doesn't really matter but still would be nice if they could decide one way or the other!
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