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Gender scan...and baby is a....


Ended up having 3 scans over the course of an hour as she wouldn't move into the best position (just like at 12 week scan when we ended up having 2) managed to get six really cute little pictures of her. She's already sucking her thumb! Saw her in the crawling position resting on her elbows and kicking her feet repeatedly against my hip.... So that's what I've been feeling the last 2 weeks!!!

So excited now, can't wait until January, we've always wanted a little girl image

Went to Mamas and Papas straight after and bought lots of cute little things and some gorgeous wallpaper for the nursery. Can't wait to see her again at the 20wk scan image

Mrs T and baby girl <3 xxx


  • Congratulations image

    I'm on the pink team too........ Roll on January!!

    R xx
  • Thank you, and congratulations to you too!!!

    So happy we finally know who bump is image

  • Yay, we'll both have our little girls in their stokke prams!!!

    Love mamas and papas clothes too, they're amazing. What did you buy?

    Congrats hun xx
  • Ahh congratulations hun xx
  • Thank you image

    lol yes we will, can't wait to order my xplory, met the uk stokke demonstrator totally by accident when we went to mamas and papas on wednesday when he was training the staff how to use it so they let me join in after the shop closed and he taught me how to use it image can't wait to order it now image

    bought the millie and boris star wallpaper, the blanket, the star White leather shoes, star photo frames and a fabric letter with roses on it image

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