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20 week scan tomorrow

And hubby and I are still undecided if to find out the sex. Scan is at 8am so will need to decide pretty quickly. Thinking we are staying team yellow but not certain. Eekkk exciting though xx


  • Good luck for the scan tomorrow. We stayed team yellow, some days I am really glad we didn't find out but others it frustrates me as everything you see to buy is pink or blue x
  • Good luck 2moro cw! We were adamant we weren't going to did out, but after going shopping at the weekend, I keep changing my mind because like paraty says everything is either pink or blue and the unisex stuff is all very much the same!

    At the end of the day it's your decision hun x
  • Got mine tomorrow to cw! We r staying team yellow too!

    Good luck x x
  • Good luck butterflies.

    Lib and partay at least we wont spend as much money on clothes if we stay team yellow! Xx
  • Good luck with your scans ladies, remember to tell the sonographer before they start scanning that u are team yellow in case its very obvious on screen, like it was on ours, luckily we wanted to know!!! xx
  • Good luck today ladies. Ha ha yes definately saving on buying clothes but will make up for it when it's born. X
  • How did it go CW?

    I have a very well behaved baby, let the mw do everything she needed to do. Then started wriggling when DH came in. Only thing is my placenta is anteria (or however u spell it)....not sure whether to worry about that or not.

    We stayed team yellow too and couldnt see anything to indicate what he/she is. Whats annoying me now tho, is that the mw knows the sex and we don't! Lol.
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