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For those with toddlers..

Hi ladies, Olivia will be 2 1/2 when this little princess comes along, just wondering what you were all doing about prams?

We have the bugaboo chameleon a;ready and were just going to get a buggy board for Olivia to ride on but can't help but think what if we're out for a while and she wants a nap or sit down. Any one getting a double pram? Just been looking at Nipper out and about 360 doubles?

Jen xx


  • They get great reviews. I got a first wheels. Has. The features of the donkey. Carrycot and seat unit nezt to it, faces both ways. My toddler will be 22 months.
  • Hi all

    I am in a similar dilemma - our boy will be 2 yrs 9 months when our addition arrives

    I go out in the car a lot so wondering wether a buggy board will do

    we have a quinny speedi which is fab but a nightmare to fit in the boot so I rarely take it in the car and keep it for local walks...which leads me to next question - are any of u changing ur cars if so which one , I better start a new thread!

    If I can find a double that's compact when folded I might consider otherwise I might stick to what I have and a buggy board and see how that fairs xxx
  • Our toddler's going to be 3yrs and a couple of months when babe is born. We are going to get a double as at the moment he still won't walk far when he doesn't want to (get the sitting on the floor) and he also runs off.

    I can't cope with a sling/carrier for babe for longer trips out as I have shoulder and hand problems which also means I can't cope with a buggy board (not that I really think he'd stand on it much anyway).

    I'm not a fan of the side by side ones as they are too wide for me when out and about. I'm looking at ones that I can then convert back to a single when I want it too, so top choice is a Baby Jogger City Select (hoping I can fit my Quinny Dreami on it using the car seat adapters as it's the same fitting to save money) as it's a small fold, flexible does rear facing and many other things I like) or as a second choice a P&T.

    A costly decision, but my view is that if C won't walk much now and demands the pushchair then he's not going to be ready to give it up by the time I need him too. He's not as good at walking (or co-orperating when walking) as some of his friends. I'm probably going to be moving into childminding too so a double won't be wasted in that I should get extra use out of it.
  • I'm in the same boat, dd will be 2yrs 3 months wen this one comes along, we already got a buggy board that we used to use for ds and hubby thinks that will be fine but I really want a

    Double one for the same reasons as u incase she wants to nap, I don't drive so walk alot and it will be jan so cold and nasty just think it would be better to have them both tucked up in the pushchairs especially on the early morning school runs!!!! X
  • I'm lucky in that my lo walks an awful lot and doesn't actually like being in the buggy. He will be 2 years and 10 months so hoping to get a buggy board, but did see someone with one the other day and they did seem to be walking very far back and stretching to reach the handle bars. We had a Graco travel systems with my LO so going to re-use that as its still in good condition. Will also get a sling / carrier and carry the baby if I think LO will need a nap. I tend not to go out when he's due a nap anyway so don't think this will be often. Would love a new buggy, or a double one but finances don't allow at the moment so going to have to make do with reusing the old one!
  • I got my double on ebay for ??100
  • Thanks for your replies ladies, its nice to get other takes on the situation. Olivia is not too keen on walking long distances either so I decided to go for it and I just picked up a second hand nipper 360 from gumtree, so hopefully it will get used.

    Jen x x
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