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I have SPD

Afternoon Ladies,

After pestering the life out of my GP and midwife, I finally managed to get a physio referral! I had an assessment this morning and she confirmed I have SPD! image

Relieved at a diagnosis and its not me just being a moaning pregnant lady! Getting a support belt fitted on thursday and have been told to do my pelvic floor exercises!

Has anyone else got it / suffered from it that can share advice? I've been sleeping with a pillow between my legs to try and rest the joints.

Promise not to moan on as hubby is recieving the brunt of that....he thinks im over exgagerating! MEN!

Love a very sore em and little legs x x


  • Hey,

    Gatecrashing from Due in Feb 2012..This is my 3rd pregnancy. Didnt suffer with 1st, with 2nd i got to about 25ish weeks and I suffered the whole way through image

    I couldnt climb stairs or get out of the car without looking like an old lady..

    I had a support belt it was nice, gave me a bit of relief but after awhile it hurt my bump where i had it so tight. I got given Co-codamol..I don't like even taking paracetamol but the pain was actually unbearable at times, i cried like a little girl quite a bit image I took them from 30 weeks ish.

    Your gonna hate me for saying this but the only thing that really helped was not moving..I know impossible, but the longer i kept my legs together, didn't use my muscles, kept still I found the pain eased off..try hoovering, climbing stairs, putting trousers/leggings on standing up and you'll suffer for days..I learnt the hard way..i'm dreading this pregnancy the end...I'm doing all I can now to try to prevent it but taking it easy in the car and not hoovering so much etc but its starting to hurt when I've slept on my I'm not sure whats going to happen image

    I really hope the rest of your pregnancy goes quickly, Take all offers off help and rest rest rest...Good luck.


  • Im just wishing the nxt 17 weeks away now image apart from this my pg has been perfect so trying not to let it get me down!

    I no what u mean about staying still, i tried my best not to move at work today but couldnt get comfortable n came home in tears so just gunna have to pull myself together! Its horrendous but also nice to no im not alone x
  • I know. Its so hard not to..but one positive thing as soon as bubs is here it will go. SPD is so common but no-one really hears of it..i was constantly having to explain myself to people which didnt help image

    Lots of hot baths too..just careful getting out..old lady maneuvers lol.

    You are not alone hun..and hubby will never understand they switch off when we open our mouth..haha. xx
  • I had consultant app today. They are going to refer me for physio if it gets worse. It was awful This weekend but not too bad today weirdly. I had it with dd and it started at 30 weeks so much worse much quicker this time. Mw said its rare in first pregnancies so if I had it with first (was signed off work for 4 weeks) will more than likely have it worse with second.
  • Hubbys gunna get a clip round the ear if he's not careful! Haha. Or i'll kick him where it hurts so we are both walking like old ladies!

    I've had symptoms since about 9 weeks so to get the diagnosis was a relief. I didnt realise how common it was til i mentioned it at work coz ur right no one talks about it. At least only 17 weeks left and when i finish work in 11 weeks...if i make it that far i'll be able to use it as the perfect excuse to do nothing over xmas! image
  • spd or pgp which they now call it since my last pregnancy quite frankly sucks.

    I have had it in this pregnancy since about 16 weeks and had to leave work on sick leave a few weeks ago as i can barely move - my hips currently move about 2cm with eery step and can barely look after my son.

    All iwill say is i hope it doesnt get as bad as mine and even if it does it will come to an end and you will get to hold your bundle x sending lots of love x
  • My god summer! U must be in agony!

    I thinks its appauling how midwives dismiss SPD symptoms! Mine was very dismissive coz from what i've read online if left it can be disabiling!
  • Agreed - SPD totally sucks. Had it with Freddie but it's worse quicker and sooner this time. Working full time at the moment and it's worse, much better when I'm at home and pottering about with Freddie. I got signed off last time, work are already quaking - they've offered to buy me a new chair!!!! Count myself as lucky that my symptoms disappeared straight after having Freddie. My BFF had it bad with her pregnancy - her son is now 1 and she's still having physio and hydrotherapy for it.

    Love my Dream Genii pillow, helps a lot at night x
  • You need to be strengthening your pelvic floor. Sit up straight and make yourself as tall as possible, then pull in your stomach and squeeze pelvic floor at same time. Breathing throughout. Do it regularly. I've now got a support belt from physio
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