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Double Digits!

Yaaay I have hit double digits. Only 99 days to go until EDD of baby B! image:lol: xx


  • I need a like button. Fantastic CW image XXX
  • I remember the 100 days to go point to our wedding so well. It went really quickly then too, arghhhh so exciting!

    Blue or pink cw????? Who knows. I say blue i think.

  • Crikey, just seen in DID2011 that a lady went into labour at 31 weeks, and they had to give her steroids and labour stopping drugs. Then she went back in at 32 weeks with dilations and her cervix thinning and the hospital are going to let nature take its course!

    perhaps its time we started thinking about getting a hospital bag together? x
  • I saw that as well LIB. I started packing my bag last weekend.

    I am having a lot of braxton hicks today with lots of period type cramps - makes me feel sick. How I am going to cope with actual labour, I do not know!
  • Woohoo 99days to go for us too image

    I had braxton hicks weeks ago, thought I was going to pass out, was in shock as they were so painful plus I forgot to breathe lol, midwives said we could go early, am definitely going to start packing my bag in a few weeks just in case!!

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