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3D 4D scan booked

Booked a 3D 4D bonding scan today. Really excited about seeing baby b on the screen. Also going to start our nursery in the next few weeks which I'm excited about too. Have been putting it off as flat is on the Market but doubt it will go anytime soon, but if it does then it's only a bit of paint carpet and border! Xx


  • eeeeeek!!! how exciting!!! do you already know what your having or are u finding out at this scan?

  • No we stayed team yellow so when we go to have the scan I will have to make sure they stay away from downstairs xx
  • So exciting!! I always thought the 4d would be scary looking but they gave us one in the hospital at our 20week scan and it was brilliant, watching her yawn, smile, suck thumb and then curl up and go to sleep was so cute!!!! Having another in a few weeks and can't wait!!

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