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anyone else?

got leaky boobs i thought it would be way too early but apparently not for me, didnt happen with my first and i didnt ever attempt breastfeeding....last night one leaked loads and today they are mega painful....not happy lol boyfriend looked mortified :lol:


  • Yep, mine have been leaking for a couple of weeks. x
  • Thankfully no, although I did notice a tiny dot of white on my nipple in the bath last night and wondered if it was milk as a result of the heat but thought it must be too early.

    I think I have been getting mild braxton hicks...any ideas? For weeks I have felt my uterus going hard every so often. Today I have had a few episodes and some crampy feelings. Would this be mild braxton hicks?
  • hi, yep had leaky boobs for quite a while now... normally after have been a bit saucy with hubby (sorry if tmi lol!) also think am getting braxton hicks, tummy goes really hard about 3 times most days.... the joys of the final trimester i guess!!
  • Nope and still in my normal bras as boobs have stayed the same. Should I stop wearing underwired bras though? Xx
  • hi cw, i think most advice is to stop wearing underwired as even if boobs dont get bigger the pressure from the wires can damage the development of your milk ducts etc, i stopped early on and even tho my boobs only grown a little so far, am finding non wired much more comfy and less squashy on the boobs x
  • Oh yes non underwired bras are so much comfier than wired ones. You might find that you boobs start to get bigger once you switch too. I got mine from M&S in a pack of 2.

    In terms of braxtons, mine started this week. Ive had 2 (that I've felt), and they start with a mild crampy feeling across the top of my bump with it's going rock solid before going back to normal. x
  • i cant stand maternity very self concious anyway so having great big now f cup boobs with no support would not be good for me.....think im havin braxtion hicks as well as i get very tight and uncomfortable....also getting a horrible dragging feeling in my lady bits have been a bit worried on occasion but its sorted itself after.....i think its baby putting pressure there but i dunno :?
  • I started leaking at 18 weeks with DD and about 20 weeks with this one.

    I had loads of milk with DD so hoping it's a good sign again.

    I'm still in underwired bras and will be swapping to underwired nursing bras when the baby arrives. As long as they fit properly and the wire is on your ribcage and not on your boobs then you're ok.

    I've gone up to a 34F so non-underwired isn't really an option for me!

    Mrs B xxx
  • mine arent leaking yet but are so sore! i have gone up 2 sizes and feel i probably need to go get measured again. just before i feel pregnant i still had milk after havin DD who is now 2, but its gone now.

    im still wearing wires too as im also very concious, im tryin to hold off as long as poss before going to get measured again as dont wanna buy more bras to then need to buy nursing bras just before baby arrives. after DD was born i went up about another 2 sizes when my milk came in.... and crikey the day it came in was agony! prob the sorest part of being pregnant, labour and birth that i can remember!

  • I'm now a 36/38 FF! my boobs were fairly large before but they just keep swelling! x
  • I'm a 34E now from 34C, they feel huge, luckily not leaking though as that gets annoying enough after baby comes along image
  • I thought it was just leaking to - although it's clear rather than milky and my boobs are so sore.

    I went up tona 34D from a 34C more or less straight away, need to get remesured tho as the 34D's are starting to get uncomfortable! Hope they stay once baby arrivesbut very much doubt it image
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