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Hi ladies

I know your not supposed to compare yourself to others and all that, but... just wondered if anyone wanted to share how much weight gain they have had so far?

I am 24wks 4days and have gained 1 stone 2 pounds, I think this is normal which is amazing because I put 4 stone on during both my previous pregnancies, I am actually chuffed to say I think I am finally in the normal weight gain category! image


  • Hi ya, Im 27+5 and have put on about 9lbs so far which I'm really pleased with, but to be honest was a bit overweight when I conceived (only got married a year ago so relaxed the wedding dress diet somewhat in the last 12 months!)

    Think the lack of alcohol and eating more healthy has meant I was losing faster than I was gaining the first few months... mw is happy that baby growing at good rate so with any luck I'm hoping once baby born and I've done breastfeeding for a few weeks I might even go back to a lower pre pregnancy weight - then again Xmas is coming and I'll be at home with my feet up for the duration so theres still plenty of time for me creep up those scales :lol:
  • ha ha Nikniks, I got married 4 years ago so the wedding dress diet was long forgotten for me :lol: I think I have put on less than with my last 2 because I havent craved anything with sugar this time, where as the last two I could have literally eaten it by the spoonful!
  • Wow! That's not much weight at all. Maybe my scales are broken, haha. I've put on around 1 1/2 - 2 stone, yet it is all bump. I was about 9st 12 - 10st before I was pregnant and last time I weighed myself I was about 11st 8lbs. How can I have put on so much weight?!!
  • I refuse to get on the scales haha. I know I have started to put weight on all over though as two weeks ago could wear my normal leggins and this morning I couldn't get them over my ankles without a struggle and had to wiggle them up. And they were my bigger sized leggins, I was shocked, my legs are getting fatter! Xx
  • I've put on just over a stone! I can see it in my face now and my arms and legs are also starting to expand!

    My MIL said 'your face is getting fat' the other day - i could have punched her! I was quited pleased i've only put on about a stone n im 27 weeks - cheeky mare!
  • Well due to my sickness, i'm a stone and a half lighter than when I got pregnant. I think I might break even by the end of my pregnancy as the pounds are slowly starting to creep back on as my sickness settles and my appetite starts to recover.

    Pregnancy and your honeymoon are pretty much the only times in your life that you're allowed to indulge without people judging, so I say go for it! x
  • I'm almost 29 weeks and so far have gained 1 stone 10lbs - too much considering i was a bit chubby to start but no where near as much as i had with my son at this point. To be honest I don't mind how much i end up gaining i can worry about that after.

  • I'm 25+5 and so far I have put on nothing, nada, zilch!! It's so weird, yet every midwife/consultant I see says it's perfectly fine, baby is growing well so it's fine, so confused!!

  • Haven't weighed myself for a whiel but had put on between 1/2 and 1 stone - don't weight myself often as go by my clothes. Last time I stopped weighing after the 3 1/2 stone mark, so no idea what i was in the end, only that I was huge, a complete whale.

    Saw my friend on Saturday who told me I was a whale last time but wasn't as big as she'd expected this time. She can be a little bit blunt so consider this to be a compliment from her.

    i think the fact that I have an energetic 2 1/2 year old means I'm not sitting and relaxing as much this time, and trying to go for a walk or a swim regularly.

    Am trying not to get too big this time as bridesmaid for my brother when bubba is 6 months so need to fit into my dress and not look too hideous next to the other 3 size 8 bridemaids!
  • I got on the scales last week and put on a stone and a half and still 10 weeks to go image
  • I need to go buy a set of scales as its not something we have at home! I used to weigh myself at work, but now Im medically suspended til I go on mat leave (long story, but as I support adults with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour my employer has deemed it too risky for me to be in the service) so havent been able to weigh myself.

    I too had awful sickness so lost some weight in the beginning.

    With my daughter I weighed less after she was born than what I did before I fell pregnant and I didnt have sickness, was just off my food in the evenings. She was 8lb 7oz so not a small baby either!

    Will get a set of scales tomorrow when Im out!

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