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innie or outie?!?

I'm 29+0 and still got an innie belly button - although it is much more shallow than used to be... do all innie belly buttons change to outies during pregnancy, if so when can I expect mine to pop out and say hi?!?

Niks xx


  • Mine is still an innie but if I move my tummy up so I can see, it changes to an outie, so it'll not be long til mine changes. I'd imagine yours will change soon too x
  • Mine's an innie and it didn't pop out last time so not expecting it to this time. Would really like it to though, but don't think innie's do so much!
  • I'm g/c from DIF but I have an innie which is turning more outie and I'm only 23 weeks!

    It's been getting shallower and shallower over the last few weeks and now doesn't really go in at all - it's just kind of flat. But if I move my tummy up like LIB then it pops out a bit! :lol:
  • i had a very innie innie now its coming up to the surface...last time mine never popped out i dont think they all do i certainly hope not isnt something id look forward to lol
  • Very innie still but baby's pushed it up at a sharp angle, still wondering if mine will pop out lol

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