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painful nipples...

I'm 30 weeks and this cold weather is killing me. A slight chill and my nipples go white and start throbbing, I want to cry.

Is anyone else experiencing this? If I'm like this now, how will I find breastfeeding?


  • Im not experiencing this but know exactly what the B/F boobs/nipples feel like. I fed my son for 12 months and you never forget that latching on feeling!!


  • I feel your pain, it's completely agonising and I got it while pregnant with Roslyn and am having it again this time too !! It's a different pain to breastfeeding though which once you get over the initial stages wasn't painful.

  • This happens to me when its cold too! Glad Im not the only one! They also leak more when chilly.....

    I dont remember it from last time but crikey breastfeeding in Jan when its freezing cold and we have a couple o foot of snow is gonna be tough! I agree Rachalow that feeling of latching in the early days stays with you! Definately toe curling! But Im looking forward to it all over again! haha

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