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Nursery pix

we've nearly finished decorating the nursery for our first little one... just need to get curtains and put them up, thought I'd share a piccie of what we've done!

Anyone else got nursery pix to share... ?

Am due in 10 weeks (yesterday) and am now a whole mix of excited and terrified!!! anyone else getting nervous now D-day is just round the corner?!?!


  • Lovely, where did you get the characters you've put on the wall? Was it easy wallpaper or a sticky nightmare?!

  • Hi PBubs, we got a sticker set from Homebase (called Fluffy Friends) they were really easy to put up... we weren't going to use them all as there is quite a lot in the set but once we started we loved them so much we kind used them all before we knew it lol! At least when our bubs is old enough he will literally be able to count sheep to fall asleep!!
  • Ahhhhh nikniks, it looks fab.

    I've not got any pics but we did our's a couple of weekends ago. We've just got the curtains and lampshade to sort. Everytime I go in there I get excited. I can't wait to be a mum, which I never thought is say as I've never really been a maternal person. I am a little nervous about the whole thing as well but not thinking about any of that stuff.

    I'm sure once my nct classes start I will start panic mode! image
  • Ahh they are fab nursery pictures. Just need a littlen to go in there now. We finished painting the 2nd coat yesterday and now are waiting to pick up the furniture. Stored at the in laws at the moment but they are away. Plus we need to in list the help of people to move it as al solid oak and soooo heavy. But have a second viewing on our flat today and as much as I want the nursery done I really really hope we don't have to finish it here and can start a nursery in a new house. Not holding my breath though xx
  • Our nursery currently has my new bathroom suite piled high in it. Everything in there and up but its full of boxes...bathroom is being fitted nxt week tho so then i can get it sorted but as baby will be sleeping in our room for a while im not worry!

    Lovely nurseries tho ladies!
  • Ladies they are lovely nurseries!

    We only have 2 bedrooms so we dont have the excitment of doing the nursery 2nd time round. I do remember doing it for our first though.... I couldnt stop going in to have a look once it was done! I used to arrange it, then rearrange it hehe.

    Not having all the planning for the nursery, and buying all the baby bits like pram and moses kinda takes a lot of the excitement away! However Im having fun buying all the little bits and bobs I didnt buy before!

    Look forward to seeing more nursery piccies!


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