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Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Not sure if there has already been a post on this.... I think there may have been so apologies!

Is anyone taking raspberry leaf tea or capsules? Or planning to start taking it?

I bought it a few weeks age but know you shouldnt start on it til after 32 weeks, so for me thats next week.

I think I started to take it about 34 weeks last time and Im sure it must have really helped. From my first labour pain to baby being born was less than 6 hours. My waters went at 1am but I didnt have pain til almost 7am and was 7cm dialated by 8am, she was born at 12.02pm. My birth was also on time, 2 days before my due date!

Just wondered if you wanted to share your experience?



  • Not had any experience of it but i'm due my first baby and started drinking it at 34 weeks. How much did you drink? I'm now drinking two cups a day. i would love a short labour like yours.
  • I'm gunna ask my midwife about this next week....i'm in two minds whether to try it or not as i've heard mixed reviews and as this is my first baby i dont have a clue but if its going to help during labour im game to give anything a try!
  • im gonna go and get some of the capsules today...cant stand cacky tea lol used it first time and had a very quick labour but they did break my waters and quick labours seem to be the thing for me and my sister so
  • I phoned mw and they said not before 36 weeks.
  • hiya, drank it by the bucketload the last time. didn't make a blind bit of difference. she was still 10 days late!
  • Hi

    I had it every morning last time and was still induced after being late and had a 17 hour labour and c section due to not dilating....but my Sis has given me her leftover stock from when she had I'm tempted to try again although I've heard u can't take it if uve had a previous c section

    will ring my mw Monday to confirm x
  • I took it with my last pregnancy and I really do think it helped!! Made no

    Difference on bringing on labour but pain and quickness wise compared to my sons labour was loads better!!! I have some tea but not having them till 34 wks which for me is next wk and then from 36 wks I'm going to start the capsules, 1 a day and having a couple cups of tea a day xxx
  • Last time I just took the capsules, but today I made it into a tea and crikey it waqs disgusting!. I have the Holland and Barrett ones which say you can do either.

    I will continue on one cup a day til Im 34 weeks and then start taking 2 capsules a day increasing them at 36 then 38 weeks I think.... thats if I get that far!

  • Baby vogue its not to bring on labour, its supposed to help your uterus contract, making labout shorter and getting it back more quickly after the birth.
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